How do you describe your ideal college? Does it have dynamic student/faculty relationships? Maybe it boasts an active alumni network and offers a strong track record of success. Or perhaps it cultivates an environment where respect, inclusivity and community are as important as ability. You’re describing the education of a lifetime. You’ve found it. Welcome to Siena College.

Admissions News

  • Class of 2015: ‘Go forth and serve’

    “I firmly believe that we are going to excel at whatever we set out to do,” Meaghan Flatley assured fellow graduates of the Class of 2015 as she delivered the Senior Commencement Address. “More importantly, we’ll hold the door.” Read More

  • Travel and Tourism Class Presents Work to "Sharks"

    The Travel and Tourism class ended the year with a "Shark Tank"-inspired event during which his students presented their final projects to a panel of local tourism professionals. Read More

  • Fair Trade Conference Motivates Students to Support Sustainability Efforts

    Siena College’s 5th annual Fair Trade Colleges and Universities Regional Conference, was held earlier this month in the Sarazen Student Union. Read More