How do you describe your ideal college? Does it have dynamic student/faculty relationships? Maybe it boasts an active alumni network and offers a strong track record of success. Or perhaps it cultivates an environment where respect, inclusivity and community are as important as ability. You’re describing the education of a lifetime. You’ve found it. Welcome to Siena College.

Admissions News

  • An Open Letter to Parents of Prospective Students- Love, Siena College

    Call it being sappy, call it being wrapped up in Valentine's Day, call it whatever you'd like...but this time of year, we're all about shouting from the rooftops how much we love Siena. Read More

  • Thank You, School Counselors! (A Video from Siena to You)

    In honor of National School Counselor Appreciation Week 2016, the Siena admissions team put together a quick video to tell all the school counselors out there how much we heart you Read More

  • Free Guide: Why It's Smart to Enter College as Undecided

    In "3 Reasons Why Being Undecided is a Smart Choice", you and your parents will learn everything you need to know about not immediately declaring a field of study. Read More