Registration for Fall Classes


 Important Points to Consider About Registration for Fall  Classes 

You will be registered for your first semester courses by our professional staff. This will take place during the month of June. Before we do this, we will gather a great deal of information on your interests, preferences, and background. You will provide some of this on the "Be A Saint" web page located at using the “Registration Interest Form”. We take this information and that which is on your high school transcript and your Siena application, look at your intended major, and then we will create schedules for you. 

You also have the opportunity to communicate with us over the summer with additional information, preferences or questions. Further, we will communicate with you if we have any questions or concerns. Let us know what is on your mind by:

         1-     E-mail:

         2-     Phone:  518-783- 2955

         3- (Be A Saint) – Find us under “Groups” and “Siena Talk”

Additionally, if, after we speak with you, it is determined that you should come to Siena and meet with us to discuss your options, we'll set up a time if you are local or you can join us on July 9th for a conversation about your schedule and any other questions you might have.

Here are a few preliminary points to consider:

1- All first year students must take
a First Year Seminar Class in the Fall semester.

2- Siena College has three Schools – School of Liberal Arts, School of Business and School of Science. 

Click on your school for school specific information:

School of Business 
School of Science 
School of Liberal Arts 

Not sure what school you are in or what major you have signed up for? Ask me @

Again, all students will fill out the form on  "Be A Saint" web page  indicating what classes they prefer and we will use that to make the schedules. If you do not fill this out, we'll put in classes that fit.

You will be able to check your completed schedules on line after July 16th. Changes to schedules can be made after that, but we highly recommend that you speak with us before you do this.
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