Registration for Fall: School of Liberal Arts


Your First Semester in the School of Liberal Arts

School of Liberal Arts students usually take five classes.

Those who have a declared a major, usually take one class in their major, First Year Seminar,  and three courses of their choice. Undeclared students take First Year Seminar and any other four courses.

Please note that the English, Philosophy, History, American Studies, and Education programs have a two semester- 6 credit - language requirement. We suggest that those studying in one of these fields continue with the language in your first semester, providing a seat is available, so the skills persist.   For an overview of the language offerings and placement issues go to Modern and Classical Languages at Siena 

The courses of your choice can be core courses or electives. Keep in mind that many Liberal Arts students will end up with 20 to 30 elective credits upon graduation. This means that everything you take "counts" for something. At the minimum, they count toward the 120 credits you need to graduate in four years.

The exception to this rule concerns students who are completing an Education Certficate.  There are fewer electives with this program.

Possible Courses for Fall   

If you are unsure about some of the choices above, or if you have additional questions contact us at or 518- 783- 2955.

For complete information, go to the School of Liberal Arts webpage.