Academic Interest Form ( Copy of Questions Asked of Students)

Students need to fill out this form on at the webpage. This form will be used by their faculty advisors over the summer and in the fall. We will be reviewing the answers submitted as we register students for Fall classes or advise students on their registration. Some of the questions are accompanied by a drop down menu or radial buttons which do not appear here.

In order for us to recommend the best classes for you, please complete the below information.


  1. Please indicate your desired major.
  2. Please indicate any other minors or programs that you are interested in.
  3. Please list any career interests or plans.
  4. If you are a recruited athlete, please let us know which sport you will be playing.
  5. Are you entering our honors program or interested in taking honors classes? Click here for more information
  6. What were your favorite classes in high school?
  7. If there is one class you absolutely wish to take in the first semester, what is it?
  8. If there is one class that you really do not want to take in the first semester, what is it?
  9. Please select the courses that interest you most. (Note: With the exception of courses required for your major, not all courses will have open seats.) Students can select from a dropdown list of the many courses that we have to offer.
  10. Do you have any other academic interests which we should know about?
  11. What foreign language did you take in high school?
  12. How many years did you take this language?
  13. Do you wish to take a foreign language in your first year at Siena?
  14. Please list all AP scores that you know about at this time.
  15. Please list AP tests you have taken, but for which you do not have scores.
  16. Please list any college credit from high school that you will be transferring to Siena?
  17. If you are entering into the School of Business at Siena, do you wish to take the Spreadsheet Examination in September at Orientation?
  18. If you are a School of Science student, what level of math are you interested in taking at Siena? Pre-Calc, Calc I, or Calc II -for those with College level Calc I from HS)
  19. Will you be working during your first semester at Siena?

    Have questions about the registration process? Ask me at