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Economics Majors Capitalize on Networking Opportunity

Friday, April 26, 2013

By Mitchel Clow '13

With graduation and summer vacation approaching, Siena College economics majors were given a unique opportunity to speak with Siena alumni who shared their major at the first Economics Networking Event. The room was full of smiles and handshakes as students gained valuable insight for career success and learned about opportunities for internships and jobs.

“Positive networking can be just the edge that lets companies see your resume first,” said Steve Maggio ’12, who now works at MetLife.

Career Center Director Debra Del Belso said attending networking events is vital to career growth. “70-80% of positions are not posted online or in print. After your first position, you move on through networking,” Del Belso said. She also advised students on ways to become successful while networking. “You need to develop an ‘elevator speech,’ a quick, 30-second introduction to who you are and what you’re looking for,” Del Belso said.

One way to ensure a job after graduation is through internships. “A lot of times, when you take an internship, that turns into a job,” said Professor of Economics Scott Trees, Ph.D. He added that making connections with classmates, professors and future employers is a good way to build contacts that could someday lead to career advancement.

“It’s great to meet people who are economics majors and to hear their story of how they got to where they are now,” said Dave Mucha ’14. “Sometimes they give advice on any mistakes they made and how to not make the same mistakes.”

Whether they were getting to know classmates and professors or speaking with Siena College graduates about job prospects in their field of study, economics majors learned firsthand that networking provides them with opportunities to make connections that could lead to career success.

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