Major Core courses

All of these courses are required for the Political Science major.

POSC-100. Contemporary U.S. Politics
(3 credits)

This course is an overview of the major institutions and processes of the American political system. Both formal (i.e., Congress, the Presidency, and the Judiciary), and informal (e.g., political parties, interest groups, the media, etc.) institutions will be covered. It is designed to help the students not only acquire a basic knowledge of American government, but also develop the ability to critique and analyze it.  (ATTR: AMSB,ARTS, CAS)

POSC-130. Political Theory
(3 credits)

An introduction to the major political ideologies of the contemporary world, such as liberalism, conservatism and socialism, with a focus on ideas about justice, equality, freedom, and law. (ATTR: ARTS, CAP)

POSC-140. Comparative Politics
(3 credits)

An introductory course establishing comparative models of political systems focusing upon socio-political organization, political socialization, decision- making and public policy in selected states. (ATTR: ARTS, CAS, ISP, MCCP)

POSC-150. World Politics
(3 credits)

A study of the interactions between members of the international system to provide for military, economic, environmental, and social security. . The concepts of power, international law, international organization, human rights, sustainable development, and collective and national security are examined. (ATTR: ARTS, CAS, GSSS, ISP)

POSC-180. Political Research
(4 credits)

Examines assumptions of major theoretical approaches and implications for empirical research in Political Science including concept formation, survey and research design, and data analysis. Laboratoryrequired one hour per week. (ATTR: ARTS)