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Certificate Curriculum

Siena College's Pre-Law program is designed to familiarize students with a broad range of legal principles. By using a case law approach, students are provided with a solid informational foundation they can use in deciding whether they want to continue with a legal education. Students are not required to take a specific sequence of pre-law courses.

There are certain Siena College courses, beyond those in the core curriculum and those required by a student's major, that are of particular value for attending law school:

  1. WRIT-100 Introduction to Writing or WRIT-200 Advanced Writing
  2. WRIT-220 Oral Communications or MKMG-113 Organizational Communications
  3. PHIL-103 Reason and Argument or PHIL-155 Symbolic Logic*
  4. MATH-010 Finite Mathematics
  5. BLAW-200 Legal Environmental Business or BLAW-210 Commercial Transactions
  6. POSC-370 Civil Liberties I or POSC-372 Civil Liberties II
  7. POSC-374 Introduction to Criminal Law or POSC-376 Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Amendments

All of these courses enhance communication skills, critical and analytical thinking for the LSAT and prepare students for the first year curriculum of most law schools.

*Preferred Option