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CGFS Objectives



"CGFS promotes scholarship in the interest of identifying, pursuing, acquiring and disseminating empirical and practical research related to global financial issues."

CGFS provides active support to academics and practitioners who have research interests in financial economics and disseminates their work to the world's academic and professional communities. CGFS promotes research with the objective of furthering knowledge and understanding of the role, functions, and responsibilities of finance professionals and institutions.

CGFS encourages studies in key areas of finance, including international asset pricing, global investments and portfolio management, behavioral finance, usage of derivatives in risk management, financial engineering and actuarial science issues, global financial management and international corporate governance issues, law, regulations and ethics, market microstructure, financial institutions and the global banking industry.

As an objective and independent research center, CGFS promotes the collaborative nature of financial research with other researchers, institutions and professionals. To that end, the Center offers data, technology, and research funding avenues to bring together researchers and professionals to cooperatively develop ideas.

Activities supporting the scholarship objectives

CGFS encourages and supports research collaboration with academics and professionals leading to publication in quality academic journals. The center currently sponsors numerous research papers. These papers are expected to lead to publications in quality academic journals. Further, the center provides researchers with a centralized access to existing and CGFS-sponsored data, software, grants services and journals access. Finally, CGFS is actively seeking to raise money to host a new academic refereed Journal: "The Journal of Global Financial Studies."

Teaching Objectives

"CGFS follows Siena's tradition of excellence in teaching by supporting student learning, research and networking with professionals in the financial services area."

CGFS is committed to support teaching and learning in accordance with the Siena College mission. For instance, the center promotes the usage of the Raub Trading Room by centralizing the access to trading room cases, templates and programs to be used in conjunction with the courses. CGFS seeks to promote student conferences, competitions, symposiums, licensing and certification related to financial studies. CGFS also encourages finance students exchange programs with foreign universities. Furthermore, CGFS is committed to report finance students' research. Finally, CGFS encourages student interaction with professionals and is committed to help finance students with internships and job opportunities in the financial services area.

Activities supporting the teaching objectives 

CGFS help at the preparation of Finance students to conferences and trading competitions.  The center hosts five publications based on student research --i.e., The Siena Stock Line, the Siena Sector Line, the Siena Market Line, the Siena Country Line, and the David E. Bjorklund Fund Newsletter. CGFS provides support to the Bjorklund fund, the Raub Trading Room and the Student FMA chapter. CGFS is maintaining a database of professionals and alumni in the finance services area to facilitate interaction of our finance students with the industry and help them in the process of finding summer internships and job opportunities in the financial services area (mentorship program, visits on site, and classroom visits). CGFS is seeking for exchange programs with foreign universities to provide a global exposure to Siena's finance program.