International Studies Minor


The International Studies minor complements all majors and prepares students to “address the challenges of an ever-changing world and a diverse society”
(Siena College Mission Statement). Students will examine how their decisions and those of other U.S. citizens affect and are being affected by decisions beyond our borders.They will also see that most careers whether in business, social policy/action, and the humanities, are pursued within a global context.

This minor is premised on the definition of globalization as the “growth of relations among people across national borders that creates a complex series of connections that tie together what people do, what they experience, and how they live across the globe.” It also incorporates Siena College’s Franciscan heritage by recognizing that St. Francis and his followers developed networks beyond Italy’s borders and that our contemporary connections must be evaluated in terms of both how they affect human society and all of Creation and how they involve our responsibility to others.

Hence, this minor attempts to enable students to discover their connections and responsibilities to the rest of the world through considering these basic
questions in all its designated courses:

  1. What are the positive and negative ways in which the people of the world are connected in the twenty-first century?
  2. How do I and the people in my community, region and country have global connections with people in other lands?
  3. How do individuals, organizations and governments attempt to manage these connections? What are the positive and negative implications for the various management methods and rules? Who benefits and who loses from these decisions? How do these decisions affect the marginalized and the poor?


Students intending to pursue an International Studies minor should consult with the Director of  International Studies as soon as possible, preferably during their first year, in order to discuss the minor’s requirements and the student’s curricular program

Requirements for the Minor 

Students also must: 

  • Participate in an international internship or in a study abroad program. Semester-long programs give students the opportunity to take advantage of their financial aid packages. Students must meet the Siena GPA requirement for Study Abroad. It is recommended that Juniors or first semester Seniors participate in the study abroad program or the international internship program.
  • Show mastery of a foreign language at the 202 course level or above.This can be met by either successfully completing a 202 course or by taking a test of knowledge and skill for that level, administered through the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. It is strongly encouraged that the experiential component of the minor, if done abroad, be connected to the language studied.

Description of Courses

GLST—100. Introduction to Globalization Studies 3 credits
This course introduces students to the examination of ways that people
of the world, including themselves, are interconnected across national
borders and to evaluate the positive and negative implications of the methods
for managing that interconnectedness. Prerequisites: None. (ATTR:

GLST—300. Topics in Globalization Studies 3 credits
This course will explore topics in Globalization Studies that are not
part of the regular course offerings.Topics will be announced during preregistration
in the preceding semester.This course may be taken more than
once with different content. Prerequisites: None. (ATTR: ARTS, BUS,

GLST—325. Globalization Travel Course 3 credits
As an academic course that includes a required travel component, the
class offers three semester hours credit for coursework that includes an
intensive travel-study program in selected geographical areas. The travel
experience enhances the study of the impact of globalization on peoples
worldwide. Lectures, supervised research into aspects of the course, and
orientation meetings will prepare students for an informed experience.
This course may be taken more than once with different content.
Permission of instructor required.Travel cost paid by student. Cost varies
each semester. (ATTR:ARTS, BUS, GLST)

GLST—490. International Experience Seminar 3 credits
This course helps students evaluate and integrate their international
experience and globalization studies courses. Prerequisites: Permission of
the Globalization Studies Director. Students must have completed their
study abroad/international internship and their language requirement
before taking this course. (ATTR:ARTS, GLST)

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