Spr 2014 Acct 205 Assignment

As discussed during the Career Center Workshop, it is important that you begin building your resume far in advance of graduation. This assignment will help you develop a plan for building your resume.  

Your completed assignment will be reviewed and scored by a team of School of Business faculty and representatives from the Career Center. The scored assignment will be returned to you with comments, and a copy will be sent to your advisor. The attached document (on the bottom of this page) should be completed as part of this assignment, and covers the items below.
a.             Identify a career (or occupation) you are considering when you graduate from Siena College. Briefly identify the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities you will need to be qualified for that occupation. Refer to the below links for assistance with this:

ONET Online Center- Comprehensive information on key attributes and characteristics of workers and occupations

Inside Career Info- Brief articles on hundreds of careers, from professionals who work in the field

Job Shadow - Brief interviews with professionals from hundreds of careers

b.             Write your resume (on a separate sheet). The resume should be directed toward the occupation you identified above. Utilize the documents linked below for assistance/ guidance:
c.             Consider activities you can participate in or experiences you can have while at Siena that will allow you to gain the additional knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the occupation. A list of possibilities is included below:
Student clubs                                      Campus Programs Page
Volunteer opportunities                      Idealist.org , Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy
Work on or off campus
Independent Studies
Lunch and Learns
Study Abroad
Informational Interviews


Determine three to five activities and experiences that will best contribute to your goals and list them on the Career Action Plan on the attachment linked below. For each action include the date when you will begin or engage in each activity. (For instance, "I will join SAMA (Siena American Marketing Association)" and "I will begin this action by April 1st, 2015."


Acct 205 Assignment and Career Action Plan


You will turn in two (2) items to your professor:

- The Completed Acct 205 Assignment and Career Action Plan noted above

- A resume