College/Departmental Standards for Tenure and Promotion

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure and Promotion Standards and Procedures, with recommendations, final version 3/7/2012

Revisions to the 3/7/2012 Tenure & Promotion Recommendations

Final Tenure and Promotion Standards and Procedures Document, dated 4/4/2012

Note: The Final Document dated 4/4/2012 includes a statement that "faculty promoted to or hired at the rank of associate professor are expected to remain at that rank for at least six (6) years." However, on advice of counsel, the VPAA on 7/16/2012 directed that this requirement be removed from the guidelines unless and until such a significant revision were incorporated into an amendment of the Faculty Handbook.



School of Business

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> Economics 

> Finance 

> Marketing and Management 

> Quantitative Business Analysis

School of Liberal Arts

Creative Arts 

> Education 

> English 

> History 

> Modern Languages and Classics 

> Philosophy 

> Political Science 

> Psychology 

> Religious Studies 


> Social Work: Tenure and Promotion Standards 

> Social Work: Evaluation of Nontenured Faculty 

> Social Work: Evaluation of Tenured Faculty 

School of Science

> Biology 

> Chemistry and Biochemistry 

> Computer Science 

> Mathematics 

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