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Records Management

Records Management Department -

Christina VanHoesen, Records Manager
(518) 782 - 6871;

Les Talma, Records Manager Assistant
(518) 782-6871; 

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The Records Management Department at Siena College exists to provide organized, safe and confidential storage and retrieval of paper documents important to the College’s operations and history. These inactive files and records of operations are often needed for reference purposes, and are generally kept for a specified period of time. Certain documents important to the history of the College are stored permanently.

Participation in the Records Management Program offers College departments and offices several important advantages. Inactive files stored by Records Management free valuable departmental office space for other uses. The system in place provides environmentally safe storage, confidentiality assurance, and easy and prompt retrieval of documents when needed. The Records Manager also handles the disposal of records that have passed storage retention periods.

All campus departments and offices are encouraged to take advantage of this service. Any department that would like to join the program can do so by contacting Christina VanHoesen, Records Manager, at 782-6732 or She will meet with the appropriate personnel of the department to set up the database account, which includes the types of records to be stored, and their respective retention periods. 

Day-to-day record management queries should be directed to:  where they will be addressed by either Christina VanHoesen or the Records Assistant, Les Talma. For more detailed information, please refer to the Orientation Package link on this site.