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Joshua Alexander, Research


Book Chapters

The "Unreliability" of Epistemic Intuitions

Joshua Alexander and Jonathan M. Weinberg
E. Machery & E. O'Neill (eds), Current Controversies in Experimental Philosophy, Routledge (forthcoming)

Salience and Epistemic Egocentrism: An Empirical Study

Joshua Alexander, Chad Gonnerman, and John Waterman
J. Beebe (ed), Advances in Experimental Epistemology, Continuum Press (forthcoming)

The Challenge of Sticking with Intuitions Through Thick and Thin

Jonathan M. Weinberg and Joshua Alexander
A. Booth & D. Rowbottom (eds), Intuitions, Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

Journal Articles

Restriction & Reflection: Challenge Deflected, or Simply Redirected?

Jonathan M. Weinberg, Joshua Alexander, Chad Gonnermna, and Shane Reuter
The Monist
95: 200-222.

Putting the Trolley in Order: Experimental Philosophy and the Loop Case

S. Matthew Liao, Alex Wiegmann, Joshua Alexander, and Gerard Vong
Philosophical Psychology
25: 661-671.

Are Philosophers Expert Intuiters?

Jonathan M. Weinberg, Chad Gonnerman, Cameron Buckner, and Joshua Alexander
Philosophical Psychology 23: 331-355.

Is Experimental Philosophy Philosophically Significant?

Joshua Alexander
Philosophical Psychology 23: 377-389.

Accentuate the Negative

Joshua Alexander, Ronald Mallon, and Jonathan M. Weinberg
Review of Philosophy and Psychology 1: 297-314.

The Instability of Philosophical Intuitions: Running Hot and Cold on Truetemp

Stacey Swain, Joshua Alexander, and Jonathan M. Weinberg
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 76: 138-155.

Analytic Epistemology and Experimental Philosophy

Joshua Alexander and Jonathan M. Weinberg
Philosophy Compass 2: 56-80