Current Members

  • Allison Schultz
    School of Liberal Arts - Assistant Dean
  • Catherine Crohan
    Core Information Literacy
  • Jamie Casline
    School of Business - Assistant Dean
  • Dr. Josh Alexander, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Philosophy; School of Liberal Arts - Assessment Coordinator
  • Dr. Kevin Rhoads, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Chemistry; School of Science Assessment Coordinator
  • Laurie Fay
    Assistant to the VPAA- Faculty
  • Dr. Meg Woolbright, Ph.D.
    Professor, English, Director of the First Year Seminar
  • Dr. Michael Pepe, D.B.A.
    Assistant Professor of Marketing; School of Business Assessemnt Coordinator
  • Dr. Pamela Clements, Ph.D.
    Professor, English, Core Advisory Committee Chairperson
  • Dr. Mary Lou D'Allegro, Ed.D.
    AVPAA - Institutional Effectiveness




Student Learning Assessment Committee


The purpose of the Student Learning Assessment Committee (SLAC) is to improve academic program (major, minor, certificate, core) assessment of student learning. This will be accomplished by providing assessment guidance and support as well as development and opportunities to share “best practices”.

  • Provide guidance in the development of student learning outcomes.
  • Identify & deploy assessment resources.
  • Create opportunities for communicating “best practices” and experiences across all three schools.
  • Be advocates for student learning assessment.
  • Provide counsel to departments to help facilitate the submission of required assessment documents.

Revise, if needed, current documentation and submission procedures to ensure a reasonable balance between required evidence and what is beneficial to the schools and academic departments.

  • Develop and adopt an Assessment Cycle that:
    1. Emphasizes the importance of prioritizing student learning outcomes.  Hence, not all student learning outcomes need to be assessed annually.
    2. Recognizes that (a) using the results, (b) making appropriate changes, (c) determining or affirming  if student learning has improved as well as (d) conducting the assessment(s) are integral in the assessment of student learning.
Agenda Minutes
11/14/11 11/14/11
1/30/12 1/30/12
2/27/12 2/27/12
3/26/12 3/26/12
4/23/12 4/23/12
9/24/12  9/24/12
10/15/12 10/15/12
11/19/12 11/19/12
12/3/12 12/3/12
2/25/13 N/A
3/18/13 3/18/13
4/15/13 4/15/13
9/23/13 9/23/13
10/21/13 10/21/13
11/18/13 11/18/13
12/9/13 12/9/13
2/17/14 2/17/14


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