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Give the Gift of Joy

Give the Gift of Joy

By Tatiana Medina


December is here! What does that mean? That it is perfectly fine to start blaring, “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” The joy of hanging up holiday decorations and searching for an amazing present for loved ones has arrived. The key word is ‘joy,’ which we should share with others in this season of giving. Let us not forget the purpose of the holidays and act like a Scrooge; the holidays are about giving! Gift giving is not a task but rather a privilege because we can show how much we care without any expectation of getting something in return.


Financial burdens can put a damper on the holiday season and families often feel overburdened to provide gifts for loved ones. But, the Siena community continues to do its best to ensure that families can continue to celebrate joyously this year without the worries of debt or insufficient funds. The Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy works regularly with families around the region who are encountering financial difficulties. Around the holidays, the Franciscan Center does its best to provide gifts to families who are in need of help. Individuals contact the Franciscan Center and describe their gift wishes and the Center puts these items out there for the Siena community. The Franciscan Giving Trees have been set up throughout the campus in the New Dorm, Foy Hall and Sarazen Student Union. On the trees, cards have been placed that describe the gifts families’ request. They are items such as sweaters for the winter, cleaning supplies for the home, and Legos for children.


The process of giving is simple! Just pick up a card that has been placed on a Giving Tree, purchase the item, wrap the present, and return the gift with the card taped on top no later than Monday, December 12th at noon under the Giving Tree. Take the opportunity to give the gift of joy this holiday season. Happy holidays everyone!