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The Ruth Katherine Rosemond Scholarship

The Ruth Katherine Rosemond Scholarship

By Jannathul Newaz


As a Franciscan College, Siena has many exceptional qualities. One is being extremely generous with scholarships for students. More than 75 percent of Siena students receive financial assistance. According to the Department of Alumni and Development, “Siena was founded with the mission to provide an affordable liberal arts education to students of modest means.” As such, the Department of Development and External Affairs have been holding scholarship certificate luncheons for students who received the Ruth Katherine Rosemond Scholarship. The scholarship has been awarded to students of all four years. The juniors’ luncheon was held on November 16th 2011.


Associate Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations Sister Rosemary Sgroi organized the event and is responsible for helping Siena receive most of its endowed scholarships. When speaking with Sr. Rosemary, she said over 600 students, from all four years, received the Rosemond Scholarship and that the Department of Alumni and Development has 230 endowed scholarships.


The luncheon on November 16th was held for the 180 juniors who received the scholarship. Junior Dan Dennis said it was his first time receiving the award; he received a letter over the summer notifying him of his achievement. Dennis is an RA for Plassmann Hall and also received other scholarships, “one for financial aid and one for being from the Capital District and being a business major.” Fellow junior, Kalli Bonin, said it was also her first time receiving the award. “I just kind of was given it. I’m really involved on campus, I’m an RA for Hennepin Hall, Hall Council, and Red Cross.” Fr. Greg was present to hand out the certificates.


Guest speaker, Ruth Richards, spoke to the students of the importance of philanthropy. It should also be noted that the Rosemond scholarship was made in her honor by her late husband, Mr. Rosemond. The scholarship is solely need based and was created twelve years ago by Mr. Rosemond himself. Mr. Rosemond, originally from Watervliet, NY could not afford to go to expensive colleges and as result attended Siena. He eventually became a part of the Board of Associate Trustees. Siena invited Mr. Rosemond to consider creating a scholarship and thus the Ruth Katherine Rosemond Scholarship was begun.