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An Underrated Social Media Website

 An Underrated Social Media Website

By Kim Carroccia


    Everyone’s been a longstanding member of social networking sites, such as Myspace, FaceBook and Twitter, but there is another website that is making its way onto the computers of many young adults and various others. is a website where individuals “reblog” posts, such as pictures, quotes, personal information, videos, etc.  Once you get yourself started on Tumblr, you will be quickly addicted.

    To get yourself started, go to the website and sign up, free of charge, just like you did with your other social networking sites.  It is optional to add a picture of yourself, a small “about me” section or any other information—you can use Tumblr to explore any interest you have. 

    If you’re a big fan of, like many college students are, you will love Tumblr.  The idea is the same, except instead of just looking through the random websites they give you or “like” them to go back into you favorites section, you reblog the things you like.

    You can name your blog anything you’d like, paired with a unique URL name of your choice.  You can have creative designs or pictures as a background for your blog, or use one of the simple layouts provided.

    When you’ve started your account, you will start to “follow” other blogs, just like you do on Twitter, and your home page is called the “dashboard”.  This is similar to how FaceBook and Twitter’s main pages have status updates, but with whatever the blogs choose to post.

    Be careful when “Tumbling” when you have homework, because you can get caught up for hours looking through all the posts and reblogging your heart out.

    Keeping up with other social websites, Tumblr has an app that can be installed on the iPhone, making Tumblr convenient to look through throughout the day.

    Tumblr is quickly gaining popularity, the only drawback to this is it causes the servers to crash semi-frequently.

    Get on board with one of the most addicting websites yet!