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Russian remains a relevant and important language in today's world.  In fact, the United States' Department of Defense has called it one of the four most strategic languages to know (besides English). 
All business majors, especially International Business majors, would enhance their employment opportunities, and impress future employers, with a knowledge of Russian.  This is also true for Political Science majors, Globalization minors and anyone who intends to work for the government or in the military and/or intelligence services, such as the CIA, NSA and FBI. 
Even science majors would benefit from the study of Russian.  After English, Russian is the second most published language for the sciences.  For education majors, there are many opportunities to teach English in Russia.
Siena College’s Modern Language and Classics department offers 8 levels of Russian language study, starting with RUSS-101, Fundamentals of Russian I, and ending with RUSS-402, Advanced Russian Readings and Conversation II.
RUSS-101 and RUSS-102 are introductory courses to the Russian language that satisfy the language requirement for your particular major, as well as being a Liberal Arts elective.

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