Religious Studies Options

B.A. in Religious Studies

Religious Studies Department

B.A. in Religious Studies (36.000 credits)
3 credits of either RELG 101, 121, 141, or 181 3 cr.

RELG 490 - Seminar in Religious Studies

3 cr.

3 credits from each of the following areas:
Historical Studies (RSHS) 3 cr.
Scriptual Studies (RSSC) 3 cr.
Religious Thought (RSRT) 3 cr.
Ethics (RSET) 3 cr.

World Religions (RSWR)

3 cr.

Religion Electives

15 cr.


INSA 400 and INSA 480 may be counted as elective RELG credits by Relgious Studies majors. 

Auxiliary (6.000 credits)

Two semesters in the same foreign language 

These languages include: French, Spanish, German,  

Latin, Russian, Greek, Italian, or Arabic.                                                                     6 cr.           

* American Sign Language does not fulfill this requirement.            


Requirements for Religious Studies 2011-12 catalog