International Studies, Foreign Languages and Business Certificate Program

Carolyn F. Malloy, Ph.D., Director
This certificate program, open to all students, responds to the need for under­standing the international and interdependent dimensions of business in the modern world. It also provides preparation for careers in international business and for graduate programs in areas with an international focus.
The goals of this program are: to aid students in their understanding of the international and interdependent character of the contemporary world; to enable students to deepen their awareness of the international dimensions of American business; to prepare students for careers in international business by providing them with language competency and knowledge of international affairs; to provide knowledge and training in international business within the context of a liberal, humanistic, and ethical tradition.
Admission to the program requires permission of the director. Students interested in the program are advised to meet with the director by the first semester of their sophomore year.
Requirements: To be eligible for the certificate, students must complete the requirements of their major field, and maintain a cumulative grade point aver­age of 2.75. Specific requirements for the certificate are as follows: students will be expected to spend a year or a semester abroad and/or participate in an international internship. They must also complete the following course requirements: competence in a modern foreign language, 18 credit hours of foundational courses, and 18 credit hours of courses with an international focus. All courses that are to count toward the certificate must be pre-approved by the director.