Private Education Loans Application Process

Private education loans are taken in the student's name. The terms and conditions can vary from lender to lender.

Application Process:

  1. Select a Lender

    Apply for your loan online or via the telephone with the lender of your choice.  For a historical list of lenders that have provided private education loans to our students in the last three years, and are planning to provide loans for the 2013-2014 academic year, please visit our Lender Information page.

    Remember, all private education lenders are different and students and families have the right and ability to select the education loan provider of their choice.
  2. Complete Application With Lender

    Upon approval, you will complete a promissory note with your lender. It is your responsibility to ensure that this promissory note is completed in full. Your loan will not be approved until you have completed the proper steps with your lender. For example, be sure to provide any necessary   co-borrower information, signatures, income verification, etc.
  3. Self Certification Form

    All students who apply and are approved for a private education loan will be required to submit a Self Certification Form to their lender before their loan is approved and certification is sent to Siena. The Self Certification Form will be provided by your lender. 

    The Self Certification Form will require information about your cost of attendance and aid information. An instruction sheet has been developed to help you through this process, and has been provided below:

Instructions To Complete Your Self-Certification Form

Self-Certification Form (If not provided by lender)

  1. Siena Receives and Completes School Certification

    Once you have completed your loan application, promissory note and Self Certification Form, Siena will be asked to provide the lender with a school certification. This certification is to verify enrollment, class year, graduation date, loan eligibility and any other indicated items.

Once steps 1 - 4 have been completed, the lender will notify you of the loan amount disbursed to Siena. The funds (the amount borrowed less loan fees) will be disbursed to the student's account in two installments, one at the beginning of each semester.