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To set up Entourage 2008 for the Mac:

  • Start Entourage
  • Click on "Tools."
  • Click on "Accounts."
  • Click on "New."
  • Click on the "Mail" tab
  • If the Account Setup Wizard does not display, click on "Setup Assistant."  (If the button at the bottom says "Configure Account Manually," you are in the Setup Assistant.)
  • Enter your e-mail address.  Also put a check beside "My account is on an Exchange Server.  Click on the right arrow.
  • The system will configure your account.  You will be asked for a login.  Enter sienaservices as the domain, then your username and password.
  • You will get a notice that your settings have been determined.  Click on the right arrow.
  • You will see the account information window.  The Exchange server is The LDAP server may vary. Click on the right arrow.
  • You will be asked to verify you settings.  Click on "Verify my Settings." This may take a few minutes and you may be prompted for a login.
  • If the verification works, click on the right arrow.  You will be prompted to give the account a name.  Change the name to what you wish and click "Finish."  You are now connected.  It may take several minutes for all your e-mail and other data to download.
  • If verifications fails, the problem is most likely the LDAP server.  Click on "Configure Account Manually."
  • The "Edit Account Window" will display.  Click on "Advanced."

Entourage LDAP Setup

  • In the directory settings, enter the following:
    • LDAP Server:
    • Put a check mark beside "This server requires me to log on."
    • Uncheck "This LDAP server requires a secure connection (SSL)."
    • Put a check beside "Override default LDAP port."  Enter "389" as the port number.
    • Under the Search Base, enter:  dc=siena,dc=edu  Note the comma.  No space after the comma.
  • Click "OK."
  • Your account will be created.  It will probably be named "Untitled Exchange Account." If you want to change that, click on "Entourage," then "Account Settings."  Double click on the account and change the account name.

You can now send and receive e-mails from Entourage. It will take some time before all your messages are downloaded.

Entourage 2004 works somewhat the same. If you get a message you can’t configure the server, look for a checkbox to indicate an exchange server or a DAV connection (either is good). The server name is Make sure you check any option for a secure connection.

Using the address book from Off Campus

The Outlook address book works normally for on-campus computers.  However, there are problems if you try to use it from off-campus.  A script needs to be installed in order to look up names and mailing lists.

Several tips to get it to work:

  • When you go through the setup (above), it will find an incorrect LDAP server and the verification will not work.  In order to fix that, click on the left arrow on the verification window. Change the name of the LDAP server to Go back to the verification screen.  It may still not work, but complete the process anyway.
  • Download the Global Address Book Patch Script from Microsoft. Expand the compressed file.
  • Click on the hard drive icon.
  • Click on "Documents."
  • Click on "Microsoft User Data."
  • Click on "Entourage Script Menu Items."
  • Drag the patch you just downloaded to the "Entourage Script Menu Items" folder.
  • Close Entourage and reopen.
  • Press CTRL/F.  A window will display.
  • Enter the name (or the first few letters) you wish to lookup and click OK.
  • A list of names will display.  Click on the item you want.
  • A window will let you add to your contacts or immediately create an e-mail. If added to contacts, it will display the next time you type an e-mail, without having to press CTRL/F.
  • You may get a warning window about the script.  Ignore it.
  • If you create an e-mail, you can start writing your message.

Once the script is downloaded, it will be available when you press CTRL/F in Entourage.