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New Student Information

Getting Started

Information about the student computing at Siena College can be found in this simple "Student Computing Basics" guide.  This will give you information about:

  • Your Username and Initial Password
  • Registering at the Password Reset Portal and Changing your Initial Password

Your username is in this format:
First name initial + Middle name initial + two digit day of birthday + first 4 letters of last name
For example: John Henry Smith, born on September 9th, would have a username of jh09smit

If you have no middle initial, just leave it out.  Tom Smith, born on November 6th, would have a username of t06smit
If you have an apostrophe in your name, ignore it.  Mary Ann O'Brien, born on April 15th, would have a username of ma15obri

Initial Password
Your initial password is in the format: P + first name initial + last name initial + Siena ID number
For example: John Henry Smith has a Siena ID number of 901999999. His initial (temporary) password would be Pjs901999999

NOTE:  In order to access the services at Siena that use your username & password, you must register at the Password Reset Portal and then change your initial (temporary) password.



Siena College is a Google Apps for Education school. After you have changed your initial password (see information above), you can check your email by going to and clicking on the Google Apps logo on the left.


Student Self Service

Student Self Service, also sometimes referred to as "Web for Students", provides a web interface to course registration and grades. Student Self Service uses your Siena ID number as the userID. The password is randomly generated by Siena College and is mailed to you before you begin classes.


Blackboard is the Learning Management System in use at Siena College. It is easily accessible through the web and uses the same username and password as you use for email.


Student Technology


Your Computer