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In an effort to support the "Green Campaign" here on campus, ITS is implementing Print Management in the public labs in Hines Hall and the Library.  This was announced to the Siena community via e-mail on October 24, 2008.  By Spring of 2009, it will be extended to all public labs in the Sienaservices domain.  The name of the program is PaperCut.  Anyone using a lab computer and printing to a lab printer will be affected. 


We are starting with an "Awareness" and "Monitoring" phase.  There will be no charges or restrictions placed on anyone during this phase.  This period will last through this semester and probably next semester as well.


Purpose:  To drastically cut down on wasteful and unnecessary printing.


Being more emphatic…To prevent this:

Paper Waste

Now, this is a photo from another school.  But, we, as all schools do, have a very similar situation here on campus.  Anyone associated with labs can attest to the fact that there is an enormous amount of wasted paper lying on or by all of the printers and in the waste baskets every day.  No one wants to prevent necessary and important printing.  But, we all need to band together to help stop the waste that continues to impact our environment in very negative ways.


To help explain this last statement…please view Print Management Facts (.ppt)


What to expect


Everyone will receive a starting, default balance of 300 "free" pages (a well thought-out, yet arbitrary number).  Each user’s  balance will be reset to 300 at the start of every semester.  This number will differ for summer school sessions.


Each time you log onto a lab computer, you will see the papercut window

Papercut icon

This displays your current balance.  Whenever you print a document, this number will be diminished accordingly

  • 1 for every black/white printout
  • 5 for every color printout
  • 1 for every duplex printout.


Just so you don’t forget this, PaperCut will remind you…As soon as you hit the "Print" button, you will see a pop-up notification reminding you about the cost of your print job and offering you the choice to "Print" the job or "Cancel" it: 


Papercut Display Print Job


If you print it, you will be charged.  If you cancel it, you won’t be charged.


Pay attention to your current balance at all times whenever you log onto a lab computer.  Please try to keep this balance well above 0.  As I stated above, nothing will happen during this phase if your balance goes below 0.  But, for the sake of this important campaign, please begin to embrace the notion of print conservation.


Here are some steps you can take to keep yourself "in the plus."