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Network Files in Outlook Web Access

Students and faculty can access their network files (including "My Documents") via Outlook Web Access. 

You need to use Internet Explorer as your web browser.

Documents in OWA

  • The Documents pane will display.  Click on "Open Location."

Open Location

  • The location will depend on where you want to connect.  Some common locations are:
    • Faculty/Staff "My Documents":  \\twiggy\users$\<username>
    • Student "My Documents": \\twiggy\sshare$\<username> or \\calista\sshare$\<username>
    • Public Folders: \\twiggy\public\
    • Departmental Folders:  If your department has a separate folder on the network for shared documents, you can access this.  You will need to know the path to the folder (usually in the form \\twiggy\department$). You can find this on your Siena computer by looking for the folder and reading the path (usually listed as "department$ on twiggy"). If you have questions, contact ITS.
  • Type the location you want and click OK.
  • Your files will display in the main area.
  • To save this location, click on "Add to Favorites" at the top of the page.  The location will be saved for the next time you log in.

Note:  The system will only list the first 50 documents and folders.  More can be displayed using the controls at the lower right of the screen.

OWA Navigation controls

You can type in the item number or click the triangles to move from one screen to the next.

Working with Documents

You will need the proper software to view a documents (e.g., Word to view Word files, etc.).  If you click on a file name, you will be ask if you want to open it. Once the file is opened, it will be as if you opened it from your own hard drive.

Saving the file

As long as you have an Internet connection, click on the "save" button to save the file in the network folder where you opened it. This means the file will be available on campus. However, you can also save it to any folder on your computer by using the "Save as."