International Studies Courses


Courses with GLST attributes offered Fall 2014


CREA 231 Art to the 15th Century
ECON 300 Latin & Caribbean Economic Development
FREN 027 French Cinema
FREN 330 French Civilization
GERM 026 Twentieth Century German Cinema      
GERM 027 U.S. and German Media     
HIST 202 West and World II    
HIST 401 Traditional Japan    
HIST 471 Conflict in South Africa
POSC 140 Comparative Politics  
POSC 150 World Politics
POSC 359 Foreign Policy of the Great Powers
RELG 210 Islam
RELG210 HNRS: Islam 
SOCI 120 Global Social Problems
SOCI 376 Health Care, Development
SOCI 385 Colonialism, Indigenism Identity
FINC 413 International Finance
MRKT 334 International Marketing         

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