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Dot Com Room

To get started, at the lectern touch-panel:
  • If touch-panel is blank, tap the screen to wake up.
  • At the Welcome screen, touch anywhere to access the menu screen.
  • Click Projector On to display projector image.
  • Select corresponding source for what you will be displaying (PC, Laptop, Bluray, or DVD/VCR). 
If using your laptop:
  • Attach a VGA (video) cable and audio cable from the lectern plate to your laptop.
  • If the AV equipment does not automatically locate your signal, Mac users may have to click Detect Displays located in the Displays options under System Preferences. Dell users may have to hold down the blue Fn key and hit the F8 key.
  • User is responsible for any cables and adapters to connect their laptop to the VGA input on the lectern plate.
If using the EEC PC:
  • Use the wireless keyboard and mouse to log in with your SIENASERVICES username and password. If there is no display, click the trackball on the keyboard to wake up the PC. If the keyboard is entering numbers in place of the letters you are typing, press the Num Lock key.
  • If you have a flash drive, insert it into the available USB port on top of the lectern.
If playing a DVD, VHS, or Bluray:
  • Place your disc or tape in the correct device in the AV cabinet in the closet. On the touch panel, click the Bluray button for a bluray and the DVD/VCR button for a DVD or VHS tape.
  • Navigation for the devices (play, pause, rewind, etc.) can be done with the buttons displayed on the wall touch panel.
When done, on thelectern touch-panel, click Projector Off, followed by System Off. If you are the last to use the room for the day, place the keyboard and mouse inside the lectern and connect one or the other to the charging cable connected to the PC.