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Why does my CAPP audit not show the last column on the right?
You need to print your audit in landscape format. In Internet Explorer click on File|Page Setup and then select "Landscape." Consult the documentation if you use a different browser.

Does my CAPP audit include the classes I am currently taking?
Yes. And if you run the audit for a future term that you have already registered for, it will include those classes as well.

What about double majors/programs(degree)/certificates?
You need to run a second audit using your second major/program/certificate as your main program. When you are asked to select your program, enter your second program.

What if my transfer credits/ majors/ minors (or anything else) are not correct?
You should go to your school office (Arts, Business, Science). You may be sent to other offices, but your school office is a good place to start.