PCC Constitution


Siena College Polynesian Culture Club


I.               The Name of This Club Shall Be:

The Siena College Polynesian Culture Club.

II.             Purpose

The club hopes to expand the knowledge of all students in the Siena Community: to educate, represent, and celebrate the Hawaiian culture, which is frequently misrepresented or unknown in mainland American culture and is not represented in any other club on campus.

III.           Membership

All members of the Siena College community are welcome to join.

IV.           Officers

·      President

o   Run the meetings

o   Organize activities

o   Make executive decisions with the help of their e-board.

o   President is a voting member

·      Vice president

o   Assist the President run the meetings

o   Fill in for the president if the president is unable to attend the meeting.

o   Vice President is a voting member

·      Secretary

o   Responsible for note taking and recording minutes at meetings

o   Provides a recording of any given meeting upon request

o   Takes attendance

o   Takes photos of activities

o   Secretary is a voting member

·      Treasurer

o   In charge of all financial aspects

o   Attends finance meetings

o   Requests the budgeting funds

o   Keeps track of fundraising

o   Treasurer is a voting member

·      Events Coordinator

o   Will be responsible for collecting ideas from the board and active members regarding community service projects

o   Organizes community service projects as well as any club event

o   Events Coordinator is a voting member

·      Public relations officer

o   Responsible for sending out emails, making fliers, and promoting club events.

o   Public Relations Officer is a voting member.

·      Should PCC require a representative for SEB or Senate, or any campus, or administrative program then the e-board will decide a representative by a simple majority vote


V.             Meetings

The PCC will hold meetings bi-weekly. Additional meetings may be called by any of the officers for special events and emergency situations. Other meetings will be held for the officers when necessary. The secretary will take attendance at each meeting; but if a person is unable to attend, he or she will not be penalized. New members are welcome to join at any time during the year.

VI.           Organization Procedures

General Procedures: The general operating rules and procedures established by Siena Life, the Student Senate and/or the Budget Allocation Committee, for all clubs/organizations shall apply.

Specific Procedures: The officers will be responsible for organizing the volunteers and dates of events. If additional help is needed or an individual member shows high interest in a certain event, then a member can be appointed co/chair for that event.

VII.         Fees and dues.

No fees will be collected unless budgetary constraints require that we fundraise within the club membership. The club reserves the right to collect, even if it is not required.

VIII.       Advisor

The PCC shall be represented by an advisor, who is responsible for insuring the continuation of the purpose and policies of this club and acts as consultant in policy matters.

IX.           By-Laws

The By-Laws will be amended by a simple majority.

X.             Amendment Procedure for this Constitution

If for any reason the club needs to amend its constitution or procedures, the club officers will organize a group vote to determine if changes need to be made.

XI.           Election

Elections will be held at the end of spring semester and decided by a secret ballot and simple majority rule. Executive board members are allowed to vote.

XII.         Impeachment Rules

Should an officer fail to perform their duties acceptably (i.e., abuse of power, criminal charges, failure to follow Siena Life, failure to fulfill requirements stated in the constitution), they will be served with a warning by the rest of the Executive Board. If a two-thirds majority of the club (Executive Board and active members) decides that an Executive Board member is still failing to carry out their duties after a warning, the officer can be removed from their position.

XIII.       Voting Procedures

Secret ballot of Executive board members and active club members

XIV.       Dissolution

Simple majority of the club membership must sign the petition for dissolution and submit this petition to the Student Senate.

XV.         Ratification

Constitutions are effective when ratified by the Student Senate. Amendments are effective with the ratification of the Student Senate.

XVI.       Effective Date     

This Constitution is approved by members on ________________.

Student Senate Ratification on __________________.

XVII.     Renewal Date

This constitution was reevaluated by members on __________________.

Student Senate Re-approval on ______________.
CCM Re-approval on_________________.