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Windows Desktop Search

Windows Desktop Search is an improved search for files on your computer. It searches files, emails and other items for text you designate.  The search is quick and it integrates with Outlook and other Windows Programs.

With Desktop Search installed you should see a search window on your Windows taskbar.

Windows Desktop Search

If you don't see this, right click anywhere on the taskbar and select "Toolbars."  Make sure "Windows Search Deskbar" is selected.

Turn on Searchbar

You can use this procedure to remove the Desktop Search from your taskbar, but that will make it harder to use.

To search, put your cursor in in the search box and type in the text you're searching for. A window will display with your results as you type.

Windows Desktop Search Results 

You will probably see the results you want here, but if not, click on "Search Desktop" to find other options.