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How Does the CNA Work?

How Can SRI’s Community Needs Assessment Benefit You?

By determining the areas of greatest need, as well as the overall effectiveness of individual programs in your community, our Community Needs Assessment Study provides vital information and statistics that can help your organization evaluate existing programs and formulate new, comprehensive, and well-informed policies. The all-inclusive analysis in our Final Community Needs Assessment Report contains suggestions and recommendations for economizing, developing, and improving services offered to the community, and it enables service providers to identify and respond to the areas of greatest need for low-income residents. By participating in our Community Needs Assessment, local service providers will understand how and where to reallocate their resources more effectively and efficiently to better assist their entire populations.

The 3-Survey Component

SRI’s approach to the Community Needs Assessment is unique because it gathers data from 3 distinct surveys in order to obtain an all-encompassing representative sample of the target population. Each of the three surveys is outlined below:

Quality of Life Survey: This is a public opinion poll that asks respondents to rate 15 different services or aspects of life, as well as their overall personal satisfaction with living in the community. It gives the participating organization a better idea of what areas the public thinks need improvement (For example: quality of public education, access to health care, conditions of roads, etc…).

Needs Assessment Survey: This is a public opinion poll that asks respondents a variety of questions about the overall awareness of need, the greatest areas of need, and the availability of programs that address that need. It helps the participating organization identify and respond to the service gaps within their community (For example: access to adequate employment and job training, availability of affordable housing/food/childcare, etc…).

Service Provider Survey: This survey is distributed to local service providers from different areas, including social services, education, government, and religious organizations. It is similar to the Needs Assessment survey in that it asks service providers to pinpoint key areas of need in their communities. It also asks participating organizations to evaluate their own performance in order to identify where they are doing well and where they need to improve. The answers to this survey can be compared to the public’s answers to the Needs Assessment survey to see where the two groups have similar opinions and where their perceptions of need differ.