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Outlook Data Folders

Outlook lets you create Outlook Data Folders for personal information. This lets you keep your messages on your hard drive (or network drive) so they don't count against your mail quota.


Note: These can only be set up with Outook if you run it on your desktop. If you use Outlook Web Access via the Internet, then this feature is unavailable.

Setting up your folders

  • With Outlook running, click on "File."
  • Click on "New"
  • Click on "Outlook Data File"
  • "Office Outlook Personal Folders File" should be highlighted.  Click OK.


  • You will be prompted for a location. Note: It is strongly suggested you save the personal folders in "My Documents" or in a network drive.  Avoid using the default, as data could be lost.  "My Documents" or a network drive will automatically back up your files, and they won't be accidentally deleted.


  • If no file is listed, type in a filename and click on Open.
  • A window with information about the file will pop up. You can change it, or just keep the default settings.  Click OK.
  • The folder will be added to the list of services.
  • As a precaution, click on the "Delivery" tab.


  • Make sure mail is delivered to "Mailbox -- Your Name." It should not read "Personal Folders."  If it does, use the drop down arrow the change it.
  • Click OK.

You have now added the personal folders.  They will be displayed at the bottom of your list of folders in Outlook.

Note: If you don't see a list of folders, click on "View" and then "Folder List."

Moving files to your Personal Folders is simply a matter of dragging the messages to the folder.  You can drag an entire folder, or individual messages. If you right click on the words "Personal Folder" you can create new folders within the personal folders.  These can be set up to mirror your folders on the web.