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EEC Problems


The controls for most of the EECs are on the top of the podium.

EEC Podium controls

There are three main controls. 

  • "Display" turns on and off the projector.
  • "Volume" for volume control.
  • Selection buttons for the image source.  "PC" means the podium PC; "Laptop" is for any laptop connected to the system (there are cables available for this). "DVD" runs the DVD player, but most people use the computer to play DVDs.

Monitor displays black screen

There are several causes of this that can be easily fixed.  The most common reason for this is that the Image Source button is incorrect.  If someone used a laptop and forgot to press "PC" when done, the screen will be black.  Pressing "PC" will fix this immediately.


If the correct source is chosen, then look at the tiny light next to the power switch on the monitor.  The color of the light can help track down problems.

  • Monitor light is black: This indicates that the monitor is turned off.  Reach in to the power switch and press it to turn on the monitor.  If that doesn't work, check to see that the master switch (in the cabinet) is turned on.
  • Monitor light is green: This indicates the monitor and computer are operating correctly.  If the monitor remains blank, reach in and adjust the brightness control (designated by the icon of a sun).  
  • Monitor light is orange: This indicates the monitor is working normally, but there is a problem with the computer.  Try doing a cold reboot: press and hold in the power button on the front of the computer until it shuts down.  Wait five seconds.  Then press the power button.  The computer should restart.  

Projector won't work

If the projector appears to be operating, but no picture is shown, make sure you have selected the correct source from the console on the top of the podium.  The light should be lit.  If not, press the button either above or below the name of the item.


If you're using a Macintosh, there may be a problem with the screen refresh rate or resolution.  Click on the Apple Menu, then on "System Preferences."  Look for "Display Settings."  Change the settings; usually if you choose a different refersh rate (listed in Hz), it will fix things.  You can also try adjusting the resolution.  Different projectors have different settings, so you will have to experiment to find the correct setting.


Laptop Issues

All EECs are set up for the use of laptops.  There are three cables on the podium:  a network cable (for Internet only), a video cable, and a sound jack.  You will need to plug in the video and sound cables to project them.  When you press the Laptop button on the podium control, the laptop image will display on the monitor and on the projector.


Windows Laptops

If you get a blank screen on the projector when you've pressed the "Laptop" button, make sure you are set to project the image.  Laptops usually have a function key that toggles this on and off.  The actual key is different depending on the manufacturer; look for a representation of a computer screen or the letters CRT/LCD.  Hold down the key marked "Fn" and press the appropriate function key, then release.  Wait a moment for the change to take effect.


Macintosh Laptops

The video output on a Macintosh is not directly compatible with the projectors. However, every Mac comes with a video adapter. The adapter is required to project from the Mac.

Macintosh video adapter


In addition, sometimes the Mac screen resolution is too high for the projector.  See "Projector Won't Work" above.


PowerPoint Slow to Display

PowerPoint 2007 searches for the default printer before loading files. This causes a problem if the printer drivers are not on the EEC computer (if you have a different model).

If you have this issue, there is a workaround:

  • Before opening the presentation, click on "Start."
  • Click on "Printers and Faxes."
  • A list of printers will display.  Select any printer listed as "Ready."  If unsure, use "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer."
  • Right click on the printer and click on "Set as Default."
  • Close the window.

PowerPoint will now display normally. Note:  You will need to reverse the process when you get back to your office.


Monitor only shows only shows part of the notebook computer screen.

Make sure you are not set for dual monitors.

Log Off

Be sure to log off the computer when you're done.  Also, if you've used your laptop, set the image source selector to PC so it's ready for the next user.