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Auto Backup

All drives on the network are backed up using an automatic "Snapshot" system. This allows users to retrieve corrupt or deleted files.

The location of the snapshot folder depends on where the file is you're trying to retrieve.  To open the folder:

  • Click on "Start."
  • In XP, Click on "Run" and enter the path to the folder (see below)
  • In Vista, enter the path to the folder in the search box just above the start button.

My Documents

Files in "My Documents" can be retrieved by using the following path (substitute the appropriate folder for the information within angle brackets):

\\twiggy\users$\~snapshot\<backup folder name>\<username>

  • Use your own network username for <username>
  • The backup folder names follow a standard convention for hourly, daily, and weekly folders:

Hourly backups, from most recent to 23 before that:  "sv_nas_hourly.0" to "sv_nas_hourly.22"
Daily backups, from most recent to five days before that: "sv_nas_daily.0" to "sv_nas_daily.5"
Weekly backup: "sv_nas.weekly.0:

Note the pattern.  "sv_nas_hourly.0" is the most recent backup; "sv_nas_hourly.1" is one hour before that, etc.  "Sv_nas.daily.0" is the most recent daily backup, etc.

Thus, the path for the person with the account "user" backed up seven hours ago would be:

\\twiggy\users$\~snapshot\sv_nas.hourly.6\user (computer types often start counting with 0 instead of 1)

You can also just enter \\twiggy\users$\~snapshot and look for your folder.  It will take some time to display all the folders once you choose a backup folder, since it will have to show the folders for all Siena staff and faculty (you can only open your own folder).


Files deleted from the desktop can be found using the path:

\\twiggy\xpfolders$\~snapshot\<backup folder name>\<username>\desktop

The backup folder names are the same as for My Documents. 

Note that you cannot navigate to this location through \\twiggy\xpfolders$\~snapshot.  You need to include the entire path.

Other Network Folders

Departmental and other network folders also have backups.  The path does vary by department, but generally is in the form:

 \\twiggy\<location$>\~snapshot\<backup folder name>\<folder>

  • <location$> -- your departmental folder.

You can also reach this through \\twiggy\<location$>\~snapshot 

Older My Documents Files

Files more than a week old can be found on a different server.  To access, use this format for the location:

\\buffy\users$\~snapshot\<backup folder>\<username

Backup folders are "sv_nas_daily.0" through "sv_nas_daily.6" and "sv_nas_weekly.0" through "sv_nas_weekly.12".