Department Chair

  • Daniel Moriarty
    Associate Professor Chemistry
    Morrell Science Center 219
    (518) 783-2472

Dr. Kristopher Kolonko


Educational Background

B.S., Chemistry, 2003, Northland College, Ashland, WI

Graduate Education

Ph.D., Chemistry, 2009, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

Courses Taught

  • Organic Chemistry I
    • Chem 210 lab
  • Organic Chemistry II
    • Chem 220 lab
  • Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry, NMR
    • Chem 405

Research Interests


  • Main Group Organometallic Chemistry
  • Kinetic NMR Techniques
  • Strong, Non-metallic Organic Bases
  • Structure-Function Surface Patterning Relationships


Recent Publications


1.     Heller, L. E.; Whitleigh, J.; Oherlein, E.; Roth, D. F.; Kolonko, K. J.; Plass, K. E. Self-Assembly of Isomeric Mono-Functionalized Thiophenes.  Langmuir 2012, 28 (42), 14855-14859.   

2.     Kolonko, K. J.; Wherritt, D. J.; Reich, H. J.Mechanistic Studies of the Lithium Enolate of 4-Fluoroacetophenone: Rapid-Injection NMR Study of Enolate Formation, Dynamics, and Aldol Reactivity” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011, 133 (42), 16774-16777. 

3.     Kolonko, K. J.; Guzei, I. A.; Reich, H. J.Structure and Dynamics of α-Aryl Amide and Ketone Enolates: THF, PMDTA, TMTAN, HMPA and Crypt Solvated Lithium Enolates, and Comparison with Phosphazenium Analogs” The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2010, 75 (18), 6163-6172. 

4.     Kolonko, K. J.; Biddle, M; Guzei, I. A.; Reich, H. J.Solution Structures of Lithium Enolates of Cyclopentanone, Cyclohexanone, Acetophenones and Benzyl Ketones. Triple Ions and Higher Lithiate Complexes”  Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009, 131 (32),11525-11534.

5.     Kolonko, K. J.; Reich, H.J. “Stabilization of Ketone and Aldehyde Enols by Formation of Hydrogen Bonds to Phosphazene Enolates and Their Aldol Products” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2008, 130 (30), 9668-9669. 

6.     Guzei, I. A.; Kolonko, K. J.; Reich, H.J. “Unexpected Crystallization of 1,3-Bis(4-fluorophenyl)propan-2-one in Paratone Oil” Acta Crystallographica Section E 2007, E63, o4094.


Recent Oral Presentations

1.     Kolonko, K. J.; Reich, H. J.; Biddle, M. “Rapid-Injection NMR studies of Carbonyl Functionalities with Organolithium Reagents” 234th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, August 19-23, 2007.


2.     Kolonko, K. J.; Reich, H. J.; Biddle, M. “Studies of Lithium Enolates: Solution Structure and Reactivity” 8th ISCC, Madison, WI, United States, June 6-10, 2007.