Undergraduate Research Journals


Here is a list of undergraduate Research Journals. If you click on the Journal's name it will direct you to that Journal's site. For a printer friendly version of the Undergraduate Research Journal's names, institutions, and url links, click here.

A Posteriori: Rutgers Undergraduate Research Journal

Agora: Journal for Undergraduate Scholarly Papers

American Journal of Undergraduate Research: A Refereed Journal for Undergraduate Research in the Pure & Applied Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Related Areas in Education

Artifacts: A Journal of Undergraduate Writing

Aporia - Brigham Young University

Aporia - Dartmouth University

Augsburg Honors Review

Baldwin Wallace University Journal of Research and Creative Studies (The)

Berkeley Scientific Journal

Berkeley Undergraduate Journal (The)

Bioscience Horizons

Biosciences Undergraduate Research at Nottingham (BURN)



Brown Journal of World Affairs (The)

Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal (CURJ)

Catalyst: Rice Undergraduate Science and Engineering Review

Chrysalis: The Murray State University Journal of Undergraduate Research

Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History

Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal

Columbia University Journal of Politics and Society

Critique: A Worldwide Student Journal of Politics

Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science

Dialectics (The): Undergraduate Journal of Leadership, Politics, and Society


Dualist (The)

Eagle Feather (The)

Earth and E-nvironment

Eastern Oregon Science Journal

Elements: Boston College Undergraduate Research Journal

Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communications


Epistimi: Capital University’s Journal on Undergraduate Research

Etudes Historiques


EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium


Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics

GEOverse: The Undergraduate Research Journal for Geography

Harvard Political Review

Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal

History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research

Hopkins Undergraduate Research Journal

Illinois Wesleyan University Undergraduate Economic Review


Impulse: An Undergraduate Journal for Neuroscience


Indiana University South Bend: Undergraduate Research Journal

Inquiry: The Undergraduate Research Journal

Inquiry: University of New Hampshire Undergraduate Research Journal

Insights: The Best of Undergraduate Social Science Research


Interlocutor: Sewanee Undergraduate Philosophical Review

International Journal of Exercise Science

Intersections: A Journal of the Comparative History of Ideas

Involve: A Journal of Mathematics

Issues in Political Economy: Undergraduate  Student Research in Economics

Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography

Journal of Behavioral and Neuroscience Research

Journal of International Affairs

Journal of Psychological Inquiry

Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research

Journal of Science and Health at the University of Alabama (JOSHUA)

Journal of Student Research

Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research

Journal of Undergraduate Research - Department of Energy Office of Science

Journal of Undergraduate Research - Minnesota State University, Mankato

Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence

Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Kansas

Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Rochester

Journal of Undergraduate Research in Bioengineering (JURIB)

Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics

Journal of Undergraduate Sciences

Journal of Young Investigators

JUMP (Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects)

JURO@GA: The University of Georgia’s Journal for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Kaleidoscope: University of Kentucky Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship

Kennesaw Tower (The): Undergraduate Foreign Language Research Journal

Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal

Madison Journal of Literary Criticism

McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal

Meteorite: The Student Journal of Philosophy

Michigan Journal of Business

Michigan Journal of Political Science

MIT Undergraduate Research Journal

Morehead Journal of Applicable Mathematics

Nanoscape: The Journal for Undergraduate Research in Nanoscience

New Horizons: VMI Journal of Undergraduate Writing

North Carolina State University Undergraduate Research Journal

nexus: Journal of Undergraduate Science Engineering and Technology

NEXUS: The Canadian Student Journal of Anthropology

Oswald Review (The)

Pacific Northwest Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Papers and Pub(lication)s: A Southeastern Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research

Penn Bioethics Journal

Philologia (Undergraduate Research Journal for the Liberal Arts and Human Sciences)

Pi Mu Epsilon Journal

Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review

Plymouth Student Scientist (The)

Politic (The)

Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research

Public Writing: A Cultural Studies Journal for Undergraduate Writers

PURM: Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

Reinvention: A Journal of Undergraduate Research

Rollins Undergraduate Research Journal

Rose- Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal

RURALS: Review of Undergraduate Research in Agricultural and Life Sciences

Rutgers Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Rutgers University World Affairs Review (RU WAR)

Saltman Quarterly

SIAM Undergraduate Research Online

SS-AAEA Journal of Agricultural Economics

Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal

Student Pulse


Tower (The)

Trinity Student Medical Journal (TSMJ)

UCF Undergraduate Research Journal

UCI Undergraduate Research Journal

UCLA Undergraduate Journal of Economics

UCLA Undergraduate Psychology Journal

UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal

Undergraduate Economic Review

Undergraduate Journal for Global Business and Community

Undergraduate Journal of Psychology

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community Based Research

Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences

Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences

University of Florida Journal of Undergraduate Research

University of Michigan Undergraduate Research Journal

University of Minnesota Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

University of Texas at Austin Undergraduate Research Journal

USCience Review

Valley Humanities Review

Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal

Washington University Undergraduate Research Digest


Yale Philosophy Review

Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology

Young Scholars in Writing

Young Scholars in Writing


List of Undergraduate Research Journals has been created in part using the followng resource: Hart, D. Alexis. (2012). How to Start and Undergraduate Research Journal. Washington, DC: Council on Undergraduate Research.