At Siena, we recognize that in today’s world we are interconnected across regions and national borders. Whatever we do affects others around the world and the choices made by people in other countries affect our lives. It is also highly likely that the careers that Siena graduates choose, whether in business, social policy/action, and the humanities, will be pursued within a global context. Hence, we share McMaster University's broad definition of globalization: “the growth of relations among people across national borders that creates a complex series of connections that tie together what people do, what they experience, and how they live across the globe.”
While we acknowledge today’s global connectedness empirically, we also approach globalization from Siena’s Franciscan tradition. This perspective mandates that we evaluate these connections in terms of how they relate to human society, all of Creation, and our responsibility to others, especially to the poor and the marginalized.
The Center promotes the study and discussion of globalization in a variety of ways: offering a minor that is open to all majors, organizing the annual joint Siena-Concordia [Montreal] Conference on Globalization, bringing diverse speakers to campus and publishing “The Globetrotter.” See our tabs on the left for more information and please join us!
Jean M. Stern, Ph.D.
Director, International Studies Program
Professor, Political Science


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