Information on Withdrawing from classes


Grades not what you want them to be?  Try this:

1.  Meet with your professor and talk about it

2.  Attend Tutoring  

3.  Use the Writing Center  

4.  Change your study habits - use note cards, form a study group, review material everyday-  

5.  Use the Library as your central study location

6.  Attend some Siena Student Advantage Programs 

7.  Check out or

If it seems that you just can’t pass a course, see the guidelines below for withdrawing from a course.


Withdrawing from Classes

The last day to drop a course with a 'W' is Nov 1st 2013 

Please note the following:

•     A "W" does not count in your GPA, but you do not earn the credits

•     You can withdraw from a class on your own in Web for Students until Nov 1st - it is also good to talk to an advisor before

•     If there is a hold on your account preventing withdrawal, let me know and I can do it for you

•     You can withdraw from as many classes as you need to – chat with me if you are dropping more than one.

•     At this point in the semester if you drop below 12 credits:

                                There is no problem with losing housing on campus, unless you have been told
by Residential Life

                                There is no problem with Federal or Siena Aid

                                There is no problem with health insurance. Under the new Affordable Care Act (OC), all dependent children continue to be covered under the parents healthinsurance until age 26 regardless of enrollment status

                                There is no problem with NYS TAP Award – if you get this – for this semester

                                There could be a problem with NYS TAP for next semester – it depends on how
                                many semesters you have had the award. Ask me if you are not sure.

                                There will be an effect on your ability to hold Work  Study job for the rest of this

 You will technically be part time for two months if you drop below 12 credits, but, in most cases that it not a problem. If you are an athlete, talk to Gail Picillo, before you drop courses. If you are a HEOP student, check with your counselor before you drop courses.  If you are in ROTC, check with your ARMY advisor.

 You are still able to withdraw from a class after November 1st , but after that date,  you will receive a grade of "WF" ( Withdrawing while failing) or "WP" (Withdrawing while passing). Neither of these has an effect on your GPA. You will not earn the credit, but you'll still lose it with an F or a U.  A “WP” certainly looks better.

 November 25th  2013 is the last day to withdraw from a class with a WP or WF

The Pass/Fail Option

Also, November 1st 2013  is the last day to declare a class Pass/Fail. The Pass/Fail option is designed to encourage you to take courses outside of your major fields. You may select one course P/F per semester. This option may NOT be applied to a course in your major, minor, auxiliary for the major, college core, or common business core unless you have already satisfied – on your CAPP report - that area of the core/major/minor with another graded course. Therefore, you may only P/F a course that will be count as an elective. A "D-" is a passing grade. You must declare the pass/fail option in the Office of the Registrar. 

For instance: If you are taking MATH 050, Pre Calculus, you can pass fail it since it is not a core class and not a major class. 

You have questions?   We have answers.  Visit us in SH 215.