External Review

To go into effect for candidates submitting their dossiers in Fall 2015:


First day of classes in the spring semester - Candidate informs chair and dean about intention to apply for promotion and/or tenure[1]

February 10 - Candidate submits recommendations for external reviewers

February 15 - Dean and Department Head (or Chair of the Promotion and/or Tenure Committee) select external reviewers in rank order

February 16 - Dean sends invitation to serve to top two prospective external reviewers[2]

February 20 - Candidate submits materials for external reviewers to Dean (materials must have been completed while at Siena and since last promotion)  (determination of what to send is made by the candidate in consultation with her/his Department Head or Chair of the Promotion and/or Tenure Committee)

February 23 - External reviewers respond no later than this date / Dean immediately writes to next prospective reviewer(s) in the event that one or more decline or do not respond

February 24 - Dean sends candidate’s materials to external reviewers (This date extends to March 1, pending agreement of all reviewers to serve)

June 1 – Deadline for receipt of external review letters / Dean forwards letters to candidate

June 15 – In the event that the two letters received differ significantly in the candidate’s assessment, the candidate notifies the Dean no later than this date of her/his request for a third letter[3]/ Dean immediately contacts a third prospective reviewer

August 15 – Deadline for receipt of third letter

[1]Candidates may, of course, add materials after this deadline to her/his dossier as evidence of accomplishments. However, in order to ensure that there is sufficient time to solicit and prepare review letters, this deadline is essential.

[2]One exception has been granted in which the Department Head will assume responsibility for communicating with external reviewers throughout this process while copying the Dean to keep him/her informed.

[3]All letters received are to be included in the candidate’s dossier.