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Pre-Law Resources

  •  Law School Admission Council (LSAC)
    LSAC is a nonprofit corporation whose members consists of more than 200 law schools in the United States and Canada. Links to LSAT and LSDAS information, law schools, official guide to ABA Law Schools, LSAC fee waivers information, LSDAS electronic applications demo, letter of recommendation demo, and fee waiver application demo.
  • The Council on Legal Education Opportunity ("CLEO")
    CLEO was founded in 1968 as a non-profit project of the American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education to expand opportunities for minorities and low-income students to attend law school and become members of the legal profession by providing pre-law recruitment, counseling, placement assistance and training.
  • Minorities Interested in Legal Education (MILE)
    This project is an effort to address the underrepresentation of minorities in the legal profession by providing minority students with reliable information about preparation for law school.

SIENA DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY LSAT PREP COURSES OR TUTORS; this is for your information only.