COTFD Awards Since 1999

International, Research, Pedagogy & Curriculum Diversification Awards

International Awards Granted Previously

Summer 2013 International Fellowship

  • Paul Ricciardi, The Stromboli Project, Stromboli, Italy

Summer 2012 International Fellowship

  • Carla Sofka, Healing Spaces in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Summer 2011 International Fellowships

  • Scott Foster,The Essence of Color in Essen, Germany: An Exploration of Practical and Theoretical Color Systems and Their Adaption For Use in the Studio Art Classroom
  • Laurie Naranch,Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) International Faculty Development Seminar in Brazil: “Salvador de Bahia: Identity, Race, and Culture in the Afro-Brazilian Heartland” June 11-June 20, 2011

Summer 2010 International Fellowship

  • Robin Voetterl, Teaching and Learning in the Caribbean: Re-Visioning Teacher Education for the 21st Century in Kingston Jamaica

Summer 2009 International Fellowships

  • Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, The Folk Art of Seduction, Attraction, and Protection
  • Emelie Kenney, The Krakow School of Mathematics and Its role in the clandestine University (Krakow, Poland) 

Summer 2008 International Fellowship

  • Andrea Smith-Hunter, Challenges of a Developing Nation (Ghana).

Summer 2007 International Fellowship

  • Donna McIntosh, Globalization, Migration and Social Work-A Professional Development Workshop for Social Workers and social Work Professors 

Summer 2006 International Fellowship

  • Diane Strock-Lynskey, Exploring the Interrelationship Between Historical Trauma, Unresolved Grief and Restorative Justice Through an Inter-Faith Cemetery Restoration Project in Belarus

Summer 2005 International Fellowships

  • Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, Funding to travel to research site and purchase research materials
  • Carla Sofka, Exploring the Social Welfare System and Thanatology Issues in Taiwan and China 

Research Awards Granted Previously

Summer 2013 Research Grants

  • Sarah Berke, Interactions between native and invasive species: The effects of an invasive alga on an ecologically important polychaete worm
  • Elizabeth Blum, Camera rental for large scale photographs
  • Lise D. Wilson, The Chloroplast Genome of Phragmites australis: a Comparison of Invasive and Native Genotypes

Summer 2013 Research Fellowships

  • Joshua Alexander, Character, Situation, and Out Capacity to be Open-Minded
  • Lisette Balabarca, Anti-Moorish Polemics in early Modern Spain: The Testimony of Father Pedro Aznar Cardona
  • George L. Barnes, Molecular Dynamics Simulations of High Energy Collision Systems
  • Sarah Berke, Interactions between native and invasive species: The effects of an invasive alga on an ecologically important polychaete worm
  • Greg Byrnes, The effects of aeroelasticity on glide performance
  • Debra Erickson, Retrieving the Practice of Casuistry for Environmental Ethics
  • Michael Bradley Henry, Detecgin Properties of Legendrian Knots
  • Mary Beth Kolozsvary, Evaluation of the Success of Created Vernal Pools in Southeastern New York
  • Nikolai A. Krylov, Generators of the Group of Primitive Almost Pythagorean Triples
  • Karen Ng, The Life of the Concept: Freedom and Form in Hegel's Logic
  • Mark Rosenberry, Collisional dynamics in high vibrational states of excited lithium molecules
  • Beverly Thompson, Facing Student Loans
  • Lise D. Wilson, The Chloroplast Genome of Phragmites australis: a Comparison of Invasive and Native Genotypes

Summer 2012 Research Grants

  • Paul T. Murray, Catholics in the Civil Rights Movement
  • James D. Angstadt, Pharmacological Characterization of Ionic Conductances in an Identified Motor Neuron of the Medicinal Leech
  • Chris Harbison, Nocturnal parasites: Do bird ectoparasites escape host preening by feeding at night?

Summer 2012 Research Fellowships

  • Mohammad Javaheri, Maximally transitive semigroups of n x n matrices
  • Paul T. Murray, Catholics in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Aaron Pacitti, What Did the federal Reserve think About Employment Insecurity in the 1990s?  Evidence from FOMC Transcriptss
  • Zhenzhen Sun, Ownership Structure and the Value of Excess Cash
  • Beverly Thompson, Covered Women: Navigating the Social Stigma of Ink
  • A. Melih Kullu, Business Group's Cost of Capital
  • Arindam Mandal, New York State Labor Market Flows: Gender and Racial Aspects
  • Keith Wilhite, Contested Terrain: The Suburbs, U. S. Literature, and the Ends of Regionalism
  • Greg Byrnes, Understanding the mechanical tradeoffs for arboreal locomotion in squirrels
  • Jennifer Dorsey, The Diaries of George Holcomb, 1805-1856
  • James D. Angstadt, Pharmacological Characterization of Ionic Conductances in an Identified Motor Neuron of the Medicinal Leech
  • Scott Foster, The Suburban Landscape
  • Chris Harbison, Nocturnal parasites: Do bird ectoparasites escape host preening by feeding at night?
  • D. Adam Mason, Identifying genes that are differentially expressed in C. elegans male and hermaphrodite tail tips.
  • Marcela T. Garces, (Re)membering the Madrid Movida: The Contemporary Corpus
  • Fanny Soderback, Time for Change: On Time and Difference in the Work of Kristeva and Irigaray
  • Janel M. Leone, Social and Psychological Predictors of Bystander Intervention in Sexual Violence
  • Perundevi Srinivasan, Warring Goddess, Devoted Daughters: Female Subjectivities in South Indian Films on the Goddess
  • Lisette Balabarca, Exiled by Force: The Problem of Morisco Identity in Spain during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Summer 2011 Research Fellowships

  • Andrea Smith-Hunter, Women Entrepeneurs on the South American Continent
  • Holly J. Grieco, The Boy Bishop and the "Uncanonized Saint": Louis of Anjou, Peter Olivi, and Models of Franciscan Spirituality in the Fourteenth Century
  • Aaron Pacitti, Labor Market Institutions, the Phillips Curve, and the Great Recession
  • Sudarat Musikawong, Transnational Homeland Politics: from Bangkok, LA, to NY
  • Scott Taylor, Addiction in Early Modern Europe: Research Trip to Madrid, Spain
  • Katherine Meierdiercks, Natural Resource Management in the Siena-Hudson Greenway Through the Collection of Environmental Data and Generation of GIS Data
  • Suvarna Cherukuri, Historical Analysis of Death Penalty in India
  • Nathalie Degroult, La Rafle du Vel' d'hiv: Filming the Unspeakable
  • Adam Nguyen, Interorganizational Favor Exchange: The Art of Helping and Being Helped
  • Paul W. Thurston, The Impact of Mentoring on Teams: An Analysis of Aggregated Employee Characteristics, Perceptions, and Attitudes with Team Performance
  • Tim E. Cooper, Rivalry and Rulership in Tokugawa Japan
  • Robin Flatland, Research in Wireless Networks and Modular Robots
  • Zhenzhen Sun, Corporate Cash Holdings and Financial Crisis
  • Max Levine, The Effects of Stress and Relaxation on Motion-Induced Nausea and Gastric Dysrhythmia
  • Fang Zhao, How much do commerical banks use interest-rate derivatives to hedge interest-rate risk?
  • Raj Devasagayam, Role of Emotions in Comsumer Decision Processes
  • James P. Murtagh, The impact of the May 2003 Divident Tax Cut on NYSE Firms
  • Marcela T. Garces, The Madrid Movida: Museums and Memory
  • Jon Bannon,
  • D. Adam Mason, Identifying and characterizing cell biological effectors that direct C. elegans male tail morphogenesis
  • Karen Ward Mahar, Gender and Corporate Culture at Mid-Century


Summer 2010 Research Grants plus Fellowships

  • Christopher Harbison, The Proximal Basis of Phoretic “Hitchhiking” in Feather-feeding Lice
  • Jason D. Hofstein, Reaction kinetics of gaseous NOx compounds with volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Summer 2010 Research Grant

  • Kristin Miller, Check and Connect: A School Dropout Prevention Program (First Steps)

Summer 2010 Research Fellowships

  • Wendy Pojmann, ‘We Wanted to Change the World’: Italian Women in International Women’s Movements during the Cold War
  • Nikolai A. Krylov, Knots as disjoint segments on surface plane models
  • Elias K. Shukralla, Remittances, Economic Growth and Poverty in Sub Saharan Africa
  • James P. Murtagh, Return, volatility spillovers and dynamic correlation between global equity markets during financial crises: a comparison of the 2001 and 2007 crises
  • Daniel Turner, “Dying Routes: Charles Wright’s Remembered Roadscapes of the South in Transit” (proposed journal article)
  • Chingyen Mayer, The land of hibiscus: Three women of China
  • Holly J. Grieco, “The Boy Bishop and the ‘Uncanonized Saint’: St. Louis of Anjou, Peter Olivi, and Models of Franciscan Spirituality in the Fourteenth Century”
  • Fareed Z. Munir, An American Islamic Journey: Beyond the Boundary of the Nation of Islam, 1964-2007)
  • Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Reshaping Political Access: The Kurdish Minority and Mobility in the EU
  • Carla Sofka, Documenting the Role of Thanatechnology in Grief Counseling and Death Education
  • Paul T. Murray, “Catholics in the Civil Rights Movement”
  • Sudarat Musikawong, The Invisibility of the Thai Noncitizen Migrant Worker
  • Katherine Meierdiercks, Siena-Hudson Greenway Water Resource Assessment
  • Max Levine, The Effects of Cognitive and Emotional Distraction on Motion-Induced Nausea and Gastric Dysrhythmia
  • Erich Hertz, The Nostalgia for Authenticity: Post-punk in the 2000s  

Summer 2009 Research Grant plus Fellowship

  • Mark Rosenberry, Construction of a new magnet for an NMR system intended to study fundamental Symmetries  

Summer 2009 Research Fellowships

  • Joshua Alexander, Philosophical Expertise and the Nature of Intuitions
  • W. Tom Dickens, The Liturgical Shaping of Biblical Interpretation and Ritualized Readings: the Effects of Liturgical Participation on Scriptural Interpretation
  • Paul Konye, Current Trends & Developments in African Art Music
  • Naton Leslie, A Book Length Collections of Sonnets
  • Pablo Muchnik, Kant on the Highest Good
  • Fareed Z. Munir, An American Islamic Journey: Beyond the Boundary of the Nation of Islam, 1964-2007
  • Laurie Naranch, The Mournful Joy of Frederick Douglass: Patriotism and Political Critique
  • Wendy Pojmann, Italian Women’s Associations in International Women’s Movements during the Cold War
  • Andrea Smith-Hunter, Australian Women Entrepreneurs: A Look At Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Perspectives
  • Scott Taylor, Addiction in Early Modern Europe
  • Raj Devasagayam, The Role of Business in the Millennium Development Goals
  • Erik Eddy, The business value of mentoring: How employee development influences individual, team, and organizational level performance
  • John Bannon, Deformation/Rigidity and Prime Group Actions
  • Scott F. Diehl, The Computational Complexity of NP-Complete Problems
  • D. Adam Mason, Using the male-specific remodeling of the C. elegans tail as a model to study the genetic control of morphogenesis  

Summer 2008 Research Grants

  • Len Cutler, Enemy Combatants and National Security Policy: The Role of the President, Congress and the Court Post 9/11
  • Melinda Costello, Audio Transcription System for Microsoft Windows  

Summer 2008 Research Fellowships

  • Tom Dickens, Ritualized Readings / The Uses of the Bible in Theology / Paths and Pitfalls of Interreligious Understanding
  • Raymond Boisvert, Hospitality: A New Key for Understanding the work of Albert Camus
  • Carla Sofka, Exploring the Characteristics of Healing Spaces
  • Karen Mahar, Women and the Helm: Gender and Corporate Culture in Mid-20th Century America
  • Nathalie Degroult, Jewish Identity in Contemporary French films
  • Erich Hertz, Wyndham Lewis, James Joyce, and the Politics of the Visual
  • Vera Eccarius-Kelly, The Sanctuary Movement
  • Barbara Reeves-Ellington, Competing Kingdoms: Women, Mission, Nation, and the American Protestant Empire 1812-1960
  • Daniel Turner, Things of Myth: Contemporary Mythopoesis and the Thingness of Poetry in Yusef Komunyakaa’s Talking Dirty to the Gods
  • Suvarna Cherukuri, Gender Roles in the Outsourcing Industry in India
  • Charles Seifert, Assessing the effect of coaching and multisource feedback on the influence behavior of managers
  • Eric Girard, Cost of carry on steroids: application to oil futures pricing
  • James Murtagh, Financial performance of banks utilizing bank owned life insurance (BOLI) contracts
  • Raj Devasagayam, Susceptibility to Interpersonal Influence Among Fans
  • Adam Nguyen, The impact of inferred bundled saving on consumer evaluation of bundled offers
  • Robin Flatland, Localizing Polygons with Applications in Wireless Networks
  • Edwin Rogers, Convergence between two lines and the triangle at infinity
  • Nikolai Krylov, Convergence between two lines and the triangle at infinity  

Summer 2007 Research Grant plus Fellowship

  • Paul Thurston, Personal business on the job: An assessment of mangers’ reactions to employees time spent, activity type and rationalization  

Summer 2007 Research Fellowships

  • Manimoy Paul, Exploring Self-Selectivity in Hedge Fund Performance
  • Scott Vandenberg, Discovering hidden groups across tuberculosis patient and pathogen genotype data
  • Laurie Naranch, Where Are We Now?: Women’s Human Rights in Cultures of Impunity
  • Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Book Chapter – Symbiotic Antagonism – Discourses and the Changing Nature of Kurdish
  • Paul Konye, Nigerian Art Music: Evolution & Practice
  • Erik R. Eddy, Personal business on the job: an assessment of managers’ reactions to employees’ time spent, activity type and rationalization
  • Naton Leslie, Writing, Revising and Preparing the Publication of a Book of Narrative Poetry
  • Fang Zhao, Do Strategic Alliances create value in Banking Industry?
  • Raj Devasagayam, Integration of Laptop Technology in College Classrooms
  • Shenghui (Robert) Tong, Abnormal Returns and in-house Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Daniel Turner, Sustaining Power: Poetry and Cultural Memory in the Contemporary American South [book project]
  • Adam Nguyen, High Low Context Cultures and Consumer Responses to Odd Price Endings
  • Wendy Pojmann, Autonomous Women’s Organizing in Postwar Italy—Cold War Strategies and European Integration

Summer 2006 Research Grants plus Fellowships

  • Mark Rosenberry, Construction of New Cells to Study the storage of Light

Summer 2006 Research Grants

  • Paul Murray, Return to Mississippi

Summer 2006 Research Fellowships

  • Munir Beken, My Name is Red: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
  • Suvarna Cherukuri, Women’s Crimes and Punishments: An Indian Reality
  • Leonard Cutler, Presidential Power and Enemy combatants: The Rule of Law and National Security Policy Post 9/11
  • Raj Devasagayam, Pedagogical Effectiveness of Computer-Based Simulations in Attaining Learning Outcomes
  • W. Tom Dickens, Ritualized Readings: 1. The Effects of Liturgical Participation on Scriptural Interpretation 2. “Theological Uses of Scripture” in The New Cambridge History of the Bible, Vol. IV Modernity, Colonialism and their Successors, ed. John Riches.
  • Erik Eddy, Why employees engage in nonworking behaviors on the job: Extending the presenteeism construct.
  • Robin Flatland, Unfolding Polycubes
  • Eric Girard, Stock Price Discovery in CASE
  • Ken Helm, Altered Origami in Plants; the Effects of Heat Stress on Protein Folding in the Endoplasmic Reticulum of Arabidopsis.
  • Darren Lim, Algorithms for Protein Folding
  • Adam Nguyen, Inferred transaction value: A Key to Understanding the Effects of Price Bundling.
  • Andreas Rauterkus, The Efficiency of Online Auctions
  • Charles Seifert, Improving the effectiveness of multisource feedback in an organizational setting
  • Andrea Smith-Hunter, Social Entrepreneurship: A New Paradigm in Entrepreneurship Research
  • W. Scott Trees, Heteroscedasticity and Executive Compensation

Summer 2005 Research Grants

  • James Angstadt, Identification of the second messenger system underlying serotonergic modulation of leech swimming behavior
  • Suvarna Cherukuri, Qualitative data analysis software “NUD*IST”

Summer 2005 Research Fellowships

  • Silvia Benso, Kristeva, Benjamin, and the Project of Translation
  • W.T. Dickens, Ritualized Readings: The Effects of Liturgical Participation on Scriptural Interpretation
  • Robin Flatland, Unfolding Orthogonal Polyhedra
  • Yujing Hua, Synthesis of Monomers with cleavable functional group as a method to introduce water solubility
  • Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, Decoding Persian Amulets
  • Naton Leslie, Work on revisions to a Novel
  • Darren Lim, Algorithms for Secondary Structure Prediction
  • Daniel Moriarty, Disulfide Bond Formation in Mutants of a Marine Snail Toxin, a-conotoxin ImI
  • Pablo Muchnik, Rorty on suffering
  • Lisa Nevarez, Seductive Power: Postcolonial Dynamics in Henry Brooke’s Montezuma
  • Paul Santilli, Philosophical Horror
  • Chingyen Sawatsky, Western thought for Asian readers: Popular culture, books, movies, clothing and cars
  • Charles Seifert, A field experiment to assess the effects of a feedback workshop and a training session on the effectiveness of managers
  • Scott Taylor, Book project: “Honor and Violence in Golden Age Castile”

Summer 2004 Research Grants plus Fellowships

  • Michael Dick, Assyrian Royal Lion Hunt & Book of Job
  • Kenneth Helm, Exploring the functions of Heat Shock Proteins in Plants
  • Jason Hofstein, Investigation of chemical markers in Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  • Daniel Moriarty, The Core of Factor for Inversion Stimulation forms a Stable Structure: a Model for the Dimeric Intermediate of P61A Fis

Summer 2004 Research Grants

  • Leonard Cutler, Military Commissions, The Rule of Law, The Law of War Post 9/11

Summer 2004 Research Fellowships

  • Silvia Benso, Schelling’s Philosophy of Freedom
  • Karen Boswell, Estradiol’s enhancement of intake of alcoholic beverage and palatable ingesta in female rats.
  • Raj Devasagayam, Developing a Multidimensional Scale of Brand Community
  • Robin Flatland, Developing an Optimal Algorithm For Sequentially Triangulating Polygons
  • Naton Leslie, Writing and editing a Novel
  • Carolyn Malloy-Madrid, The Dramatic Production of Victor Hugo Rascon Banda
  • Joseph Marrone, Measurement of Cognitive Changes in a Social and Emotional Intelligence Program for Middle School Children
  • Duane Matcha, Health Care Reform and the Media
  • Pablo Muchnik, The Implications of Kant’s Doctrine of Radical Evil for the Understanding of History, Social, Political, and International relations
  • Barbara Reeves-Ellington, From Boston to the Balkans: American Missions and Social Transformation in Ottoman Europe, 1832-1878

Summer 2003 Research Grants plus Fellowships

  • Chris Amaya, The Costs and Benefits of Leg Autotomy in a Wolf Spider
  • Silvia Benso, Levinas’s Later Essays and His Relation to Hegel
  • Arthur Brenner, Jews in Germany During World War I
  • Matt Lindstrom, Urban Sustainability in Sweden
  • Carla Sofka, Outreach Efforts of Children and Adolescents Following 9-11-2001: Documenting the Process and Impact
  • Rachel Sterne-Marr, Regulation of Cell Signaling: Structure/Function Studies of GRK2

Summer 2003 Research Grants

  • Charles Seifert, A Field Experiment to Assess the Individual Effects of a Feedback Workshop and a Training Session on the Effectiveness of Managers.

Summer 2003 Research Fellowships

  • James Angstadt, Serotonergic Modulation of Ionic Currents in Swim Motor Neurons of the Medicinal Leech
  • Leonard Cutler, The Bush Administrations Approach to the Role of Military Tribunals in the War Against International Terrorism and the Law of War in the 21st Century
  • Margaret Hannay, Domestic Politics and Family Absence: The Correspondence (1588-1621) of Robert Sidney, first Earl of Leicester, and Barbara Gamage Sidney
  • Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, Diaspora Iranians
  • Rachel Stein, New Perspectives on Environmental Justice: Gender, Sexuality and Activism
  • Scott Taylor, Honor and Violence in Early Modern Spain - book title
  • Lois Daly, A Review of Recent Feminist Theological Ethics

Summer 2002 Research Grants plus Fellowships

  • Dmitry Burshteyn, The Effects of Dispositional Optimism on Problem Solving and Brain Wave Patterns
  • Michael Dick, The Fall of Nineveh in Archaeology and Theology
  • Bruce Eelman, Modernization and Community in Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1845-1880

Summer 2002 Research Grants

  • Barbara Allen, Maternal Discord and divorce in Eighteenth Century England
  • Margaret Hannay, Domestic Politics and Family Absence: The Correspondence (1588-1621) of Robert Sidney, first Earl of Leicester, and Barbara Gamage Sidney

Summer 2002 Research Fellowships

  • Raymond Boisvert, Re-thinking fundamental philosophy with Michel Serres
  • Pamela Clements, Della and Bessie: The Journals of Adele and Elizabeth Allston
  • Gerard Dollar, “Scared Space: Environmental Literature and the American West” - book project
  • Naton Leslie, The Classical Tradition and Contemporary Poetry
  • James Nolan, A Brief History of Applied Statistics in the Government Setting: one ASA Chapter’s History
  • Richard Ognibene, School Choice, Charter Schools and Educational Reform: Lessons Learned at the New Covenant Charter School
  • Rick Proctor, “The Application of Private-Sector Business Management Practices to a Non-Profit Organization:The Waterford Rescue Squad’s Cash Flow Dilemma”
  • Charles Seifert, Validation of the Extended Version of the Influence Behavior Questionnaire
  • Carla Sofka, Grieving Diana: Exploring Public Reactions to Princess Diana’s Death
  • Rachel Sterne-Marr, Regulation of Cell Signaling: How Does GRKs Recognize Receptors?

Summer 2001 Research Grants & Fellowships

  • Silvia Benso, Contemporary Italian Perspectives on the Interface of Ethics, Politics, and Religion
  • Terence P. Curran, Hershey Food Corporation: A Case Study
  • Kate Langdon Forhan, Poets and Politics in the Hundred Years War
  • Dr. John Hayden, Differential Expression of Class V Myosins in Human Fibroplasts
  • Mary Fitzgerald-Hoyt, "Felicia's Two Journeys" From Decolonization to Recolonization
  • Matt Lindstrom, Surviving Sprawl: Culture, Ecology, and Politics
  • Salvatore Lombardo, The Origins of Alexis de Tocqueville's Political Thought
  • Elaine R. Ognibene, Broken Cords: Another Kind of War in A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
  • Rachel Stein, Environmental Justice Politics, Poetics and Pedagogy
  • Rachel Sterne-Marr, Regulation of Cell Signaling: Role of G Protein Interaction in the Modulation of G Protein-Coupled Receptors by GRK2 
  • Thomas Swan, Social Contract or Permission Rules? Reasons for Performance on the Wason Task
  • Scott Trees, Structural Adjustment Programs or Structured Against the Poor? The Case Against IMF Intervention in the Third World

Fall 2000 Research Grants

  • Robert Colesante and Karen Boswell, Adolescent students perceptions of school climate in an urban public school district

Summer 2000 Research Grants plus Fellowships

  • Silvia Benso, Determining the Place of Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy within his overall thought
  • Arthur Brenner, Writing Scholarly Articles
  • Ken Helm, A novel plant protein whose human counterpart prevents breast cancer; a back door approach to understanding the molecular basis of breast cancer
  • Matthew Lindstrom, The National Environmental Policy Act: Implementation and Congressional Intent
  • Karen Ward Mahar, Women, Studios, and the Triumph of Hollywood: the Gendering of the American Film Industry, 1896-1928
  • Nina Zanetti, Effects of Ethanol on cartilage tissue differentiation in developing embryonic skeletons
  • Jess Vickery, Glow in the Dark Chemistry
  • Brenda Tjelta, Application of Field Flow Fractionation to Polymeric and Environmental Samples

Summer 2000 Research Fellowships

  • Ray Boisvert, Prepare an Essay for the Library of Living Philosophers series on Richard Rorty's
  • Mary Fitzgerald Hoyt, Mise Eire: Gender, Nationality, and Identity in Nuaala O'Faolain's Are You Somebody
  • Paul Konye, Science Portraits (Creative Project)
  • Charles Seifert, The Effectiveness of Feedback with Training on the Influence Behavior of Managers
  • Donna McIntosh, Survey, Analysis and Strategies for Technology application in Baccalaureate Social Work Education and Practice


Pedagogy Awards Granted Previously

Summer 2013 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Matthew Bellis, Creating an "Introduction to Computer Science" (CSIS 110) section for Physics and other science majors
  • Chris Harbison, Development of Ornithology, a field and lab-based exploration of bird biology
  • Paul W. Thurston, Increasing Student Engagement with MGMT 336, Management Research Methods
  • Graziano Vernizzi and Scott Nelson Foster, The Practice and Perception of Color in the Arts and Sciences
  • Nina Zanetti, Case Studies in Histopathology

Summer 2012 Pedagogy Grants

  • Jason D. Hofstein, Physical Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum and Vide Prelab Development
  • Alison Larsen, Revolutionizing reference and instruction at Standish Library using the iPad

Summer 2012 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Jason D. Hofstein, Physical Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum and Video Prelab Development
  • Paul Ricciardi, Creating a Siena College Summer Voice Intensive
  • Jesse Karr and Jodi O'Donnell, Redesigning the General Chemistry Laboratory and Lecture Curricula to an Atoms-First Approach

Summer 2011 Pedagogy Grants

  • Paul Ricciardi, The Joy of Phonetics
  • Lucas Tucker and Dan Moriarty, Design and editing of Safety and Technique Podcasts for the General Chemistry Lab Curriculum

Summer 2011 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Naton Leslie and Michael Sham, Homer's Contemporary Legacy
  • Kristin Miller, "Put Your Heads Together!": Increasing Instructional Productivity Through Use of Empirically-Based Cooperative Learning Strategies
  • Lucas Tucker and Dan Moriarty, Design and editing of Safety and Technique Podcasts for the General Chemistry Lab Curriculum

Summer 2010 Pedagogy Grant

  • Paul Ricciardi, The Linklater Technique as an Effective Tool for Acting/Voice Students  

Summer 2010 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Laurie Naranch, “Global Citizens” topic for course POSC339: Special Topics in Political Theory, Fall 2010
  • Scott K. Taylor, New Travel Course in History: “The Making of Modern London”
  • Jami Cotler, Develop a three credit lab based Internet Collaboration Course
  • Andrea Smith-Hunter and Suvarna Cherukuri, Sociology of Entrepreneurship
  • Mary Anne Egan, Graphical Programming Labs for Introduction to Programming
  • Kristin D. Miller, Click and Scratch: Increasing Accountability, Engagement, and Mastery in General Psychology
  • Jim Matthews, Development of Discrete Structures Laboratory Modules  

Summer 2009 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Cheryl Gowie, Incorporating Multiple Literacies and Multiliteracies Pedagogy in EDUC 260
  • Max Levine, Exploring the Development of a Multidisciplinary Certificate in Biobehavioral Health Studies
  • Paul Thurston, Refocusing MKMG 425, Organization Development and Change
  • Jason Hofstein and Kevin Rhoads, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory curriculum Development
  • Lucas Tucker, Expanding Teaching Beyond the Classroom: Using ITunesU to Provide Worked Problems in the Organic Chemistry Course  

Summer 2008 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Wendy Pojmann, Modern Italy [travel course]
  • Pauline White, Microsoft Office 2007 Laboratory for CSIS-010 Introduction to Computer Applications
  • Robert Yoder, Convert Laboratory Activities for Management Information Systems to Office 2007
  • Nina Zanetti, Development of Electronic Image Bank: A Survey of Vertebrate Embryology
  • Lydia Tarnavsky, Creating Teaching Resources for the Modern Languages Dept. to Reflect ACTFL [American Council for Foreign Language Teaching] National Standards
  • Carolyn Malloy-Madrid, Creating Teaching Resources for the Modern Languages Dept. to Reflect ACTFL [American Council for Foreign Language Teaching] National Standards  

Summer 2007 Pedagogy Grants

  • Carla Sofka, Incorporating Restorative Justice Strategies into the Social Work Curriculum
  • Diana Strock-Lynskey, Integrating Restorative Justice Content into the Social Work Curriculum
  • Denise Massman, Vectorworks Spotlight Training  

Summer 2007 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Darren Lim, The History of Computing
  • Suvarna Cherukuri, Sociology of Business
  • Nina Zanetti, Development of Electronic Image Bank: A Survey of Human Disease Processes  

Summer 2006 Pedagogy Grants

  • Katherine J. Silvester, European College Teaching and Learning Conference, Florence, Italy, 2006
  • S. Johanna Horowitz, Simulation Software to Enhance the Undergraduate Experience in Computer Science

Summer 2006 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Daniel Moriarty, Design of Studio Lab Activities for Chemistry 120
  • Donna Narsavage Heald, Design of Studio Lab Activities for Chemistry 110
  • Nina Zanetti, Development of Electronic Image Bank: A Survey of Biodiversity

Summer 2005 Pedagogy Grants

  • Suvarna Cherukuri, Editing and Making of a CD from a Prison Video

Summer 2005 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Eric Breimer, Innovative Laboratory Activities for Management Information Systems
  • Cheryl Buff, Developing the “Siena College Student Conference in Business”
  • Raj Devasagayam, Developing the “Siena College Student Conference in Business”
  • Jason Hofstein, Introductory and Intermediate Laboratory Manual Preparation
  • Robert Yoder, Innovative Laboratory Activities for Management Information Systems
  • Nina Zanetti, Development of Electronic Image Bank for Advanced (organ) Histology, with Pathological Correlations.

Summer 2004 Pedagogy Grants plus Fellowships

  • Bruce Eelman, The Civil War Landscape
  • Carla Sofka, Increasing Classroom Participation and Expression of Opinions through the use of a Classroom Performance System in SWRK 100 (Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work)
  • John Vallely, The Civil War Landscape

Summer 2004 Pedagogy Grants

  • Karen Ward Mahar, War Stories: the Siena College Veterans Oral History Project

Summer 2004 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • James Angstadt, Revision of the Biology Department Scientific Writing Curriculum
  • James Dalton, Creation and Creativity: a Team Taught Course
  • Denis Donnelly, Electronics Laboratory Manual
  • Scott Hunter, An Editor for Introductory Java Programming in BlueJ
  • Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, Creation and Creativity: a Team Taught Course

Summer 2003 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Frederick DeCasperis, Coordination of Business and Organizational Communication -MKMG-113
  • Mary Anne Egan, Computer Science Major Language Change
  • Robin Flatland, Developing Interactive Software Tools for Teaching Computer Graphics
  • Joseph Marrone, Social Psychology: Syllabus, Class Activities, Exercises, and Projects.
  • Andrea Smith-Hunter, Cases for the Management Practitioner
  • Nina Zanetti, Development of Electronic Image Bank for Histology and other Microscopy-Intensive Laboratories.

Summer 2001 Pedagogy Grants

  • Dr. Arthur Brenner, Holocaust Studies

Summer 2001 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Joseph Allegretti, Business Ethics
  • Kate Langdon Forhan, Ordinary Lives: Medieval and Early Modern Images for Classroom Use
  • Diane Strock-Lynskey & Robert Rivas, An Intra-Disciplinary Collaborative Approach to Teaching Initiative
  • Thomas Swan, The Psychology of Morality

Fall 2000 Pedagogy Grants

  • Mo Hannah, Speakers for Forensic Psychology
  • Matt Lindstrom, Suburban Sprawl Field Trips and Local Class Projects

Spring/Summer 2000 Pedagogy Grants plus Fellowships

  • Mo Hannah, Forensic Psychology

Spring/Summer 2000 Pedagogy Fellowships

  • Charles Seifert and Fred DeCasperis, Integrating Tech Medicated Learning into Bus. & Organizational Communications
  • Robert Rivas, An Intra-Disciplinary collaborative Approach to Teaching to Teaching Social Work Practice and Research
  • Diane Strock-Lynskey, An Intra-Disciplinary collaborative Approach to Teaching to Teaching Social Work Practice and Research

Fall 1999 Pedagogy Grants

  • Matthew Linstrom,  What's a bus Ticket got to do with my Amer. politics class? Political Science Treasure Hunt

Summer 1999 Pedagogy Grants

  • Diane Strock-Lynskey, Topical seminar in Social Work: Contemporary Issues in Indian Country
  • Paul Konye, To attend music technology workshop
  • Kate Forhan, Fostering Abstract Thinking in Applied Settings

Curriculum Diversification Awards Granted Previously

Summer 2010 Curriculum Diversification Fellowships

  • Joshua Alexander, Philosophy of Race
  • Father Hoang Linh, Asian/America: Religion and Social Movements  

Summer 2009 Curriculum Diversification Awards

  • Jennifer McErlean, Philosophy of Language
  • Lisa Nevarez, Caribbean Literature
  • Holly Grieco, RELG 300: Topics in Religious Studies: Sex, Gender, and Religion in the Middle Ages
  • Erich Hertz, Contemporary British Literature  

Summer 2008 Curriculum Diversification Award

  •  Laurie Naranch, Introduction to American Political Thought