Part-Schedule Teaching Requirements

A request to the Committee on Faculty Status for Part-Schedule Teaching must include the applicants's current PDR, a letter of application to the VPAA and letters of support from both the department head and dean.See the Current Year Schedule for the appropriate due date. The contractual requirements from the Faculty Handbook Section II.H.4 (page II-12) are reprinted below.


[NOTE: Also see Section IV.B for cases covered by the College Family and Medical Leave Policy.]

a.   A full-time faculty member may request the Committee on Faculty Status to recommend him or her to the President for a part-schedule teaching load at proportional pay, with full faculty status, for any of the following reasons:

(1)        If the faculty member's physical or mental condition, substantially verified, is such that he or she can be of better service to the College under a reduced workload. A part-schedule load may be granted under these conditions for a period not to exceed two years.

(2)        If the faculty member has either [a] thirty years of service or more, or [b] has fifteen years of service or more and has reached the age of sixty, he or she shall be entitled to a part-schedule workload. The time limitation on the length of the part-schedule load in this case is not to exceed five years, and with the provision that the application for part-schedule teaching be accompanied by notice of resignation by retirement at the conclusion of the part-schedule teaching service.

(3)        If the faculty member wishes to devote additional time to academic research or publication that will be beneficial to the reputation of the College and to the faculty member. The time limit in this case may be variable.

b.    A part-schedule teaching load shall mean 18 hours of work or less, but not less than six for the academic year, or the equivalent in a combination of teaching and administrative services. Those faculty members who are granted a part- schedule teaching load are expected to continue performing their other faculty functions, proportionally.

It will, normally, be evenly distributed with half in each semester of the academic year. If, however, no administrative or academic inconvenience will result, the faculty member may elect to fulfill the part-schedule in one semester. Determination of inconvenience or its lack will fall to the Faculty Status Committee. No faculty member currently following a different pattern shall be deprived of that privilege.

The time spenton part-schedule, as defined in Section II.H.4a(2) and (3), will be counted as full-time for purposes of   decisions concerning tenure, promotions, leaves of absence, sabbaticals, retirement and benefits.