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Administrative Team

Meet the School of Science Administrative Team


Allan Weatherwax, Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Science
Professor of Physics
(518) 783-2440

Jean Mangun, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, School of Science

Professor of Environmental Studies

(518) 782-6955


 Laurie Fay

Assistant Dean for Administration

(518) 783-2937


Angela McKeever
Assistant Dean for Student and Faculty Services
(518) 783-2440


Cynthia Zinzow
Office Coordinator / Monitoring Grants Assistant
(518) 783-2496



Jennifer Coon

Student Services Coordinator

(518) 783-2440





Our focus is providing the best possible under- graduate experience in the sciences. Committed to teaching in the classroom and beyond, the Siena family of students, faculty, alumni, and staff share a passion for this College that is unparalleled. Please browse our website to discover what Siena has to offer!

     9: Last day of classes    
    10: Reading Day

    11: Final exams begin
    17: Last day of finals


Independent Study Summary Sheet
- additional information for completing the Independent Study Proposal

School of Science Student Engagement Fund

This Fund will directly support high impact student learning opportunities for science majors. More...


With sincere appreciation, the School of Science gratefully acknowledges the National Science Foundation, NASA, and all of the granting institutions, donors and benefactors who support Science at Siena College.  Through their generous financial support, we continually expand and enhance Science programs, student learning opportunities and facilites that benefit the entire Siena Community.